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Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories is the North American arm of the Corporate R&D organization of the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. As an open corporate lab, MERL collaborate with other research organizations, and conduct application motivated basic research and advanced development in the areas of digital communications, multimedia, data analytics, imaging, mechatronics and algorithms.
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Mitsubishi Electric
6 Dec 2023


Kraftblock is based in Germany and is developing a thermal energy storage technoloy.
1 Dec 2023

Asahi Kasei: Aqualyzer (Green Hydrogen)

Asahi Kasei Corporation is a Japanese multinational chemical company. This profile focuses on the company's Aqualyzer™ alkaline water electrolyzer (AWE) technology for production of green hydrogen.
20 Nov 2023

Chiyoda: CCUS

Chiyoda Corporation is a global engineering company. It is involved in the development of point source carbon capture technologies and carbon dioxide utilization pathways.
26 Oct 2023


Rokion manufactures battery-electric utility vehicles for use in underground and surface mining, founded as a spinoff of Canadian manufacturer Prairie Machine.
9 Jun 2023

Electric Car Motor Trends: Number, Type, and Power 2015-2022

Innovation roadmap for electric car motor trends.
17 May 2023

PCIM Europe 2023: Expo Highlights

PCIM is one of the largest events in Europe dedicated to the power electronics industry, representing all stages of the value chain from the mining and processing of materials to off-the-shelf inverters and intelligent systems. This article covers trends on Cu and Ag sinter die-attach materials, GaN and SiC WBG semiconductors, package materials and design, modules vs. discretes and more from primary interviews with leaders from across the value chain.
9 May 2023

LG Chem: Chemical Recycling Plastic Waste

LG Chem are a leading chemical company and in March 2023 began building their new chemical recycling facility. IDTechEx provide an update on this development.
2 May 2023

AEye, Inc.

AEye is a technology company that provides advanced imaging and sensing solutions for various industries, including smart infrastructure and automotive. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
20 Apr 2023

Chiyoda Corporation: SPERA Hydrogen

Chiyoda Corporation is a Japanese multinational engineering company providing engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services as well as products for many sectors including oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, metals, and renewable energy. This company profile focuses on Chiyoda's SPERA Hydrogen LOHC initiative.
31 Mar 2023


Nissan is a global automaker based out of Japan and founded in 1933. It is a historic leader in electric vehicles and in 2010 went on to release one of the first battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to achieve mainstream success, the Nissan Leaf. In this full profile IDTechEx explores Nissan's latest EV developments including research into all solid-state batteries (aSSB).
13 Feb 2023


Hystar are a Norwegian company commercialising their novel PEM electrolyzer systems.
19 Dec 2022

Showa Denko Group: 5G Materials

Showa Denko Group are a group of Japanese chemical manufacturers; their subsidiary, Showa Denko Materials, sell organic low loss materials for 5G applications. IDTechEx spoke with Showa Denko Materials about their 5G materials portfolio.
15 Dec 2022


C-Zero is a US-based start-up that is developing a methane pyrolysis process utilizing molten salts.
8 Dec 2022

Technology Developments Pushing the Frontiers of Chemical Recycling

Chemical recycling of plastic waste is gaining momentum. Headlines on investments, planned expansions, and real-world product launches are all accelerating in frequency and scale.
4 Nov 2022

Mitsubishi Electric — Cooperative Robot

At Automation and Robotics 2022, Mitsubishi Electric presented its so-called 'cooperative robot', which is a type of robot that combines the advantages of both traditional industrial robots and the emerging collaborative robots (cobots).
Included are:
6 Oct 2022


In August 2022, Stratasys announced its acquisition of Covestro's Additive Manufacturing materials business, which also included DSM's former AM business unit.
3 Oct 2022


Monolith is a developer of plasma pyrolysis technology, producing low-carbon hydrogen and carbon black from natural gas.
20 Sep 2022


DigiLens is a major innovator in holographic diffractive waveguides that has attracted interest from major investors including Samsung.
19 Jul 2022

Denso — New Market Player in the Cobot Industry

Denso is well known for being a global automotive component manufacturer. It has a subsidiary, Denso Wave, that produces robots, automatic identification devices (barcode readers and related products), and programmable logic controllers. IDTechEx met Denso at Automatica 2022, where the company demonstrated its industrial robots and collaborative robots.
8 Jul 2022

BCN3D Technologies

BCN3D Technologies are a Spanish manufacturer of 3D printers. IDTechEx spoke with David Martínez Reygaza, PR Manager at BCN3D Technologies.