Motiv Power Systems

Motiv Power Systems

Motiv's vision is to accelerate the adoption of clean technology in the truck and bus market through a revolutionary approach to electric-drive vehicle (EV) integration and deployment. Motiv develops electric power control solutions that are component agnostic, allowing commercial EV's to be assembled with a high degree of customization and forward flexibility. Motiv's electric power control products enable truck and bus builders and fleet operators to leverage the existing industry supply chain, providing more cost effective EV solutions to the ultimate customer, fleet operators.
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Motiv Power Systems
10 Nov 2020

Electric Truck Markets 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr David Wyatt and Luke Gear
6 Jul 2020

Motiv Power Systems

Motive Power Systems are a California based manufacturer of all-electric chassis for medium duty (Class 3 through 6) commercial vehicles.
15 Jun 2020

Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Buses 2021-2040

IDTechEx Report: Dr David Wyatt and Dr Peter Harrop
21 Nov 2019

The New Frontier For Commercial EV Innovation

Motiv Power Systems, United States
1 Jun 2015

Manufacturing facility to meet all-electric truck and bus demand

Motiv Power Systems has received $8.1 million in grant funding from the California Energy Commission to continue the commercialization of its award-winning All-Electric Powertrain, including a new manufacturing facility in Hayward, California.
2 Jul 2014

Motiv Power Systems raises $7.3 million for electric truck powertrain

Motiv Power Systems has raised $7.3 million in growth capital from investors led by Colorado's Magness Investment Group.
6 Nov 2013

Partnership on new all-electric school bus

New all-electric Type A school buses will hit the road in 2014, due to a collaboration between Trans Tech Bus, and Motiv Power Systems.
6 Mar 2012

Motiv Power Systems $1.16 million grant for new battery-electric truck

Motiv Power Systems Secures $1.16 Million California Energy Commission Grant for New Battery-Electric Truck and utilizes traditional diesel truck assembly line infrastructure to accelerate EV adoption.
7 Dec 2010

Overview of Fleet Truck Electrification

Motiv Power Systems
4 Nov 2010

Unique electric vehicle event extends coverage

Many more people have asked to speak at Future of Electric Vehicles December 7-8 in San Jose California but organisers IDTechEx are being selective to maintain balanced coverage of all electric vehicles and future breakthroughs.
3 Nov 2010

Mitsubishi Motors start testing light commercial electric vehicles

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (Yamato Transport) and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced that they have started field testing for parcel collection and delivery operations with the use of a prototype light commercial electric vehicle (EV) built by MMC.
27 Oct 2010

Police and security electric vehicles

Larger companies are producing a range of police, homeland security and military electric vehicles.
26 Oct 2010

Future technologies of electric buses and taxis

Buses and taxis are an excellent launch pad for new technologies. In the new IDTechEx report, "Electric Buses and Taxis 2011-2021" we assess all the options and the markets resulting.