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National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
26 Jun 2020

SIJ Technology

SIJ Technology make super fine inkjet printers, capable of feature sizes as small as 1 um. They also produce a spray-coater for coating 3D surfaces.
25 Oct 2018

Efficiently turning light into electricity

Perovskites form a group of crystals that have many promising properties for applications in nano-technology. However, one useful property that so far was unobserved in perovskites is so-called carrier multiplication - an effect that makes materials much more efficient in converting light into electricity.
2 May 2018

Cell membrane inspires new ultrathin electronic film

Japanese researchers have developed a new method to build large areas of semiconductive material that is just two molecules thick and a total of 4.4 nanometers tall. The films function as thin film transistors, and have potential future applications in flexible electronics or chemical detectors.
26 Dec 2017

World record thin-film solar cell efficiency of 22.9%

Solar Frontier KK claims it has set a new world record for thin-film solar cell efficiency.
15 Feb 2017

ITO alternatives: printed metal mesh is on the rise?

The transparent conductive film (TCF) industry has witnessed upheaval in recent years.
15 Feb 2017

Tiny drones as artificial pollinators

As bees slip onto the endangered species list in the United States, researchers in Japan are pollinating lilies with insect-sized drones.
25 Aug 2016

New class of fuel cells offer increased flexibility, lower cost

A new class of fuel cells based on a newly discovered polymer-based material could bridge the gap between the operating temperature ranges of two existing types of polymer fuel cells, a breakthrough with the potential to accelerate the commercialization of low-cost fuel cells for automotive and stationary applications.
20 Jun 2016

Turnable, twistable robots

Forget steel and aluminum. The robots of tomorrow may be able to squish, stretch and squeeze.
5 Oct 2015

Boosting efficiency of CIGS solar cells

CIGS solar cells are compound thin-film solar cells and the most established alternative to silicon solar cells. Solar conversion efficiencies of over 20% have recently been achieved in CIGS solar cells.
30 Sep 2015

Meeting of Japan Energy Harvesting Consortium September 25 2015

As energy harvesting becomes a different and much more noticed subject, IDTechEx monitors the situation by intensive visits to many events, companies and universities. The meeting of the Japan Energy Harvesting Consortium September 2015 was certainly revealing.
9 Sep 2015

IDTechEx Presents Printed Electronics Insight Forums. Tokyo 28 Sept.

Two guest speakers from Japan will present at the IDTechEx insight forums in Tokyo on 28 September, providing in-depth analysis into printed electronics.
6 Jul 2015

High-efficiency and high-stability SiC power transistor

Sumitomo Electric has developed a power transistor of an original structure consisting of silicon carbide which is seen as a next-generation power semiconductor.
9 Jun 2015

Carbon nanotube transparent conductive film with long-term stability

AIST, and others have developed a technology that dramatically improves the long-term stability of the conductivity of transparent conductive films that use carbon nanotubes.
14 Apr 2015

New material could boost batteries' power, help power plants

A team of researchers has developed a material that acts as a superhighway for ions. The material could make batteries more powerful, change how gaseous fuel is turned into liquid fuel and help power plants burn coal and natural gas more efficiently.
6 Mar 2015

Different electric vehicles pioneer best technology first

To benchmark new technology for electric vehicles it is vital to look at all of the off-road, on-road, water and airborne e-vehicles.
23 Jan 2015

IMEC - Wearable Health Monitoring

26 Dec 2014

Thermoelectric harvesting: Great increase in interest in 2014

Thermoelectric harvesting will be on production hybrid electric on-road vehicles from 2018. It will be commonplace on hybrids in 2020 and almost entirely to charge the battery, or increasingly supercapacitor or supercabattery used for power.
28 Oct 2014


Thermoelectrics have made large 1.5 kW ones for Komatsu and other construction machines and the like, to harvest heat from the diesel engines. The main bar to launching them for sale is cost
11 Aug 2014

Ajinomoto Co Inc

14 Jul 2014

Updates in printed electronics from Japan

IDTechEx recently visited Japan for the FineTech expo in Tokyo. This article summarises the latest findings and updates from Japanese companies in the field of printed electronics.