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Navigant is a global management consulting firm based in Chicago, with offices around the world. Areas of expertise include renewable technologies and markets.
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10 Oct 2012

Highlights from Printed Electronics Asia 2012

IDTechEx held Printed Electronics Asia 2012 in Tokyo, Japan last week. This is part of the World's global event series on the topic with other events in USA (Dec 5-6) and Europe (April 17-18). Senior-level attendees from some of the biggest chemical, equipment and electronics companies were present from 23 countries, with 50% of attendees from Japan, and 66% of attendees from East Asia.
3 Oct 2012

Global Supply and Demand for Photovoltaic Technologies 2012 to 2016

Navigant Consulting, United States
13 Sep 2012

Chemical and component opportunities in Asia

As Asia has dominated in displays, photovoltaics, semiconductor manufacture and other technology sectors, so too will it dominate in making and integrating better components and consumer electronics using the new materials that are enabling devices to be lighter, more robust, flexible, more power efficient and higher performance. Some of these most exciting material developments and their uses are covered at Printed Electronics Asia 2012.
1 Dec 2011

Markets for Photovoltaic Technologies: 2011 and Beyond

Navigant Consulting, United States
2 Dec 2010

Global Markets for Photovoltaic Technologies

Navigant Consulting, United States
20 May 2010

Innovalight establishes new record with silicon ink solar cells

Innovalight, Inc., a privately-held firm selling a platform of silicon ink-based high efficiency solar cell materials and technology, has announced that the company has achieved a new record of 19 percent conversion efficiency with silicon ink processed solar cells. The conversion efficiency of a solar cell is the proportion of sunlight energy that a cell converts to electrical energy.
3 May 2010

Innovalight hires Chief Financial Officer

Innovalight, Inc., a privately-held firm selling silicon ink-based high efficiency solar cell materials and technology, hires Michael Johnson as chief financial officer.
26 Feb 2010

Innovalight's patent for solar cells manufactured with silicon ink

Innovalight awarded key patent by U.S. patent & trademark office for solar cells manufactured with silicon ink Includes selective emitters made from silicon ink and crystalline silicon wafers
3 Dec 2009

Photovoltaics Markets: Silicon vs. Thin Film Technologies

Navigant Consulting, USA, United States
27 Oct 2009

Summaries from the AIMCAL and IPC events

Last week IDTechEx presented at two events in the US on printed electronics. Here we bring you the highlights of some of the discussions and presentations that took place.
9 Sep 2009

Innovalight achieves record efficiency silicon ink solar cell

Innovalight has demonstrated a record 18 percent conversion efficiency with silicon-ink processed solar cells.
19 Jun 2008

A major milestone - white OLED technology exceeds 100 lm/W

Steven V Abramson, CEO of Universal Display says that through this record milestone, white OLEDs are moving a significant step closer to becoming a key participant in the $100 billion per year lighting industry.