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Newcastle University harnesses academic excellence, innovation and creativity to provide benefits to individuals, to organisations and to society as a whole.
Newcastle University exists for the public benefit to advance education, learning and research. Our objective is to build on this core purpose and, in doing so, provide new knowledge and creative solutions that make a positive impact. We aim to work collaboratively with our many external partners to shape brighter futures, grow the economy and champion social justice.
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Newcastle University
14 Aug 2023

Aerogels 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson
2 Dec 2022


CAPTICO₂ is a Norwegian technology provider of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) solutions that leverages carbon dioxide cryogenic distillation and mineralization. In October 2022, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr Hydra Rodrigues spoke with the CAPTICO₂ team during the Carbon Capture Technology Expo Europe 2022 in Bremen, Germany.
26 Sep 2022

Tonus — Soft Robotics and Wearable Garment Start-up

Tonus is a Germany-based startup specializing in wearable garments and soft robotics.
4 Apr 2022

Advanced Electric Machines: Rare Earth-Free Motors

Advanced Electric Machines is a UK-based manufacturer of electric motors. Their unique selling point is the elimination of permanent magnets and copper windings. They have a motor design for commercial vehicles and another for the passenger car market. IDTechEx caught up with AEM to learn about their new progress and future plans.
19 Nov 2021

New Generation Hybrid Solar Cells One Step Closer to Mass Production

An international team of scientists have identified a new process using coordination materials that can accelerate the use of low-cost, Earth-abundant materials with the potential to transform the energy sector by replacing silicone-based solar panels.
24 Mar 2021


CellulaREvolution is a UK-based biotechnology company developing advanced bioreactors for continuous cell production in the fields of cultured meat, cell therapy, and biologics. In March 2021, IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Michael Dent spoke with Leo Groenewegen, CEO of CellulaREvolution, about the company's activities in the cultured meat space.
9 Mar 2021

Air Taxis: Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report:
18 Aug 2020

Streetdrone: UK Government Funding for 5G Autonomous Truck Project

StreetDrone has won UK Government funding as part of a consortium tasked with delivering an autonomous logistics capability to Nissan's Sunderland car plant.
20 Apr 2020

Smart City Technology to Measure Social Distancing

The UK and many other countries worldwide have introduced social distancing measures to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. To understand if these recommendations are effective, we need to assess how far they are being followed.
25 Mar 2020

Advanced Electric Machines Ltd

Advanced Electric Machines (AEM) produce a novel form of electric motor which has no reliance on rare-earths or copper windings. AEM have a partnership and applications within commerical vehicles and are looking to expand even further.
8 Oct 2019

20 UK universities to buy energy directly from windfarms

The ground-breaking aggregated power purchase agreements will see the pioneering universities buy £50m of renewable energy from a portfolio of wind farms. The deal fixes power prices at a competitive rate for the next ten years - and in doing so, minimises their exposure to market volatility.
26 Sep 2019

Enhancing Intraoperative Accuracy In Tumour Resectioning Through The Use Of Novel Molecular Photonics

Newcastle University, United Kingdom
26 Feb 2019

Huge Battery Opportunities from Radical Changes in EV Demand

The biggest demand for lithium-ion batteries is moving away from cars and in electric cars it will be a matter of less battery on average.
12 Feb 2019

New hub launched to increase electrification in UK manufacturing

A new Hub, led by the University of Sheffield, is combining expertise in electrical machines and manufacturing for the first time, aiming to put the UK at the forefront of an electrification revolution.
11 Jan 2019

World's first grid scale pumped heat energy storage system operational

The world's first grid-scale pumped heat energy storage system has been assembled and commissioned by the technical team at the Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research at Newcastle University.
23 Nov 2018

Gene editing possible for kidney disease

For the first time scientists have identified how to halt kidney disease in a life-limiting genetic condition, which may pave the way for personalised treatment in the future.
6 Aug 2018

EPSRC announces £16 million investment in Supergen Energy Hubs

Three £5 million energy research hubs and a new £1 million network in solar energy that will build multidisciplinary collaborations between universities, academic bodies and industry were announced by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
31 May 2018

First 3D printed human corneas

The first human corneas have been 3D printed by scientists at Newcastle University.
16 Apr 2018

Fastned wins another tender in the UK

Fastned will build and operate fast charging stations in Newcastle and Sunderland.
6 Dec 2017

Breakthrough in clean diesel research

A breakthrough in catalysis research by academics at the Universities of St Andrews and Newcastle could lead to the development of clean diesel engine technology and help combat air pollution.