Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation

Since its establishment in 1931, NIPPON CHEMI-CON has tackled the development of a variety of electronic components, starting with aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Our brand nurtured by our customers along with the development of electronic industry is always on the cutting edge, having won the largest share of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors market in the world.
Taking advantage of many element technologies obtained from aluminum electrolytic capacitors production, Nippon Chemi-Con has been expanding its business field to multilayer ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, metal oxide varistors, and so on. Especially, high capacity electric double layer capacitor and high energy advanced capacitor have recently drawn the attention.
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Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation
11 Apr

Advanced Supercapacitors And Their Materials For Efficient Energy Capturing

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation, Japan
20 Mar

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Advanced High-Energy Capacitors For Efficient Energy Regeneration

Nippon Chemi-con Corporation, Japan
17 Oct

Nippon Chemi-Con

Nippon Chemi-Con has developed a new line of conductive agents for active materials that increase the performance and durability of Li-ion batteries.
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18 Sep

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4 Apr

Skeleton Technologies

a ramp up phase through power quality applications like UPS, then in full scale with the transport and industrial sector. This means they are realistic about the development time for their product to be accepted in the transport sector for example. The company seems to know well, where high power supercapacitor applications can be drive growth. On Mr. Madiberk words:"Although the market is growing at a 30% rate, additional growth has been stalled by the lack of high energy and power densities needed by high-performance applications" The company recently procured funding for an additional investment round.
22 Dec

TOC Capacitor Co. Ltd