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17 Feb 2022

Polaris Program Aims to Advance Human Spaceflight

The Polaris Program is a first-of-its-kind effort to rapidly advance human spaceflight capabilities, while continuing to raise funds and awareness for important causes here on Earth. The program will consist of up to three human spaceflight missions that will demonstrate new technologies, conduct extensive research, and ultimately culminate in the first flight of SpaceX's Starship with humans on board.
7 Dec 2021

3D Printing of Prosthetic Eyes

Not only is a 3D-printed prosthetic eye produced in a fraction of the time taken by the conventional process, but the resulting prosthesis also looks more realistic. This is made possible by the algorithms of Cuttlefish:Eye, a software solution from the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD.
9 Nov 2020

Ocular Implant Delivering Glaucoma Treatment Over Six-Month Period

PolyActiva Pty Ltd, a clinical-stage Australian ophthalmology biopharmaceutical company, announced it has successfully completed its Phase I clinical study for its lead candidate, the Latanoprost FA SR Ocular Implant.
22 Oct 2020

Impending Technological Innovations of AI in Medical Diagnostics

This article discusses key technological issues that AI image diagnostics companies face and provides a roadmap describing when and how they are likely to be overcome over the next decade, based on research conducted by IDTechEx in the report "AI in Medical Diagnostics 2020-2030: Image Recognition, Players, Clinical Applications, Forecasts".
8 Sep 2020


A spin-off of Stanford University based in Palo Alto, California, Pr3vent was founded in 2017 and has secured $1.5M in funding.
1 Apr 2020


VUNO provides a diverse array of services that quantifies and analyses data to diagnose diseases. These include imaging modalities such as X-rays and CT scans, as well as biosignal monitoring systems.
1 Apr 2020

Eye Blinking on-a-Chip

A new approach could lead to 'cornea-on-a-chip' devices that more accurately test the effects of drugs on the human eye.
28 Feb 2020

IDTechEx Attends Autosens: Latest Trends in Automotive Radars, Cameras

IDTechEx attended AutoSens 2019 in Brussels. The event took place at the car museum in Brussels. This event is focused on all future vehicle perception technologies including lidar, radar, and camera. It focuses on the hardware side as well as on the software and data processing side.
17 Feb 2020


Phasya: software to make judgements about physiological and cognitive state of drivers. Phasya is a firm specialized in offering a software portfolio aimed at monitoring several physiological and cognitive states.
19 Nov 2019

AI for Quality Control of Stem Cell-Derived Tissues

Researchers used artificial intelligence to evaluate stem cell-derived "patches" of retinal pigment epithelium tissue for implanting into the eyes of patients with age-related macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness.
6 Nov 2019

Ocular Robotics

Ocular Robotics offer lidar modules. The first RobotEye lidar product (REO5) was launched in 2012.
20 Sep 2019

Optical sensor that detects very low glucose concentrations

The tool could be integrated into a smartphone and prevent people with diabetes from having to prick themselves to measure their glucose level.
18 Apr 2019

World's first gene-edited lizards

A group of researchers has become the first in the world to successfully produce a genetically modified reptile—specifically, four albino lizards—using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool.
22 Feb 2019

World's first gene therapy operation for common cause of sight loss

Researchers in Oxford have carried out the world's first gene therapy operation to tackle the root cause of age-related macular degeneration.
27 Nov 2018

Electronics in hydrogel-based soft lenses

Researchers have developed a contact lens with autonomous electronics, opening the door to unique applications such as lenses with sensors and/or drug-delivery systems for the treatment of eye disorders.
7 Nov 2018

Facility to develop 3D printed corneas

Precise Bio has developed an innovative 4D-bio-fabrication technology that is a true platform for innovation and comprises cell expansion, bio-materials, processes, printing technology and other required critical technologies.
12 Sep 2016

Drug-dispensing contact lens

A contact lens designed to deliver medication gradually to the eye could improve outcomes for patients with conditions requiring treatment with eye drops, which are often imprecise and difficult to self-administer.
1 Jun 2015

The direction of development in autonomous vehicle research

Autonomous vehicles uses a portfolio of sensors that is highly dependent on Lidar technology, given the high price of these sensors, researchers are looking how to reduce the reliance on this technology through enhancing the capabilities of cheaper sensor technologies.
4 Mar 2015

Silicon micro-funnels increase the efficiency of solar cells

Researchers are working on improving thin-film solar cells based on silicon and want to build funnels into robust cell designs that can be economically realised over large surfaces.
14 Oct 2014

Fripp Design

Fripp Design are the first company to attempt to commercialise 3D printing of silicone. They are focussed on medical prosthetics and consumer product prototyping markets.