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28 Nov

Scratching the Surface of Perovskites

Versatile compounds called perovskites are valued for their application in next generation solar energy technologies. Despite their efficiency and relative cheapness, perovskite devices have yet to be perfected; they often contain atomic-level structural defects.
13 Aug

New perovskite material shows promise alternative silicon

Silicon dominates solar energy products -- it is stable, cheap, and efficient at turning sunlight into electricity. Any new material taking on silicon must compete, and win, on those grounds. As a result of an international research collaboration have found a stable material that efficiently creates electricity - which could challenge silicon hegemony.
20 Jun

"Self-Healing" Polymer Brings Perovskite Solar Closer to Market

A protective layer of epoxy resin helps prevent the leakage of pollutants from perovskite solar cells, report scientists, adding a "self-healing" polymer to the top of a perovskite solar cell can radically reduce how much lead it discharges into the environment. This gives a strong boost to prospects for commercializing the technology.
28 Jan

Scientists boost stability of low cost, large area solar modules

Scientists have resolved a fundamental weakness in a promising solar technology known as Perovskite Solar Cells, or PSCs. Their innovations appear to improve both the devices' stability and scalability in one fell swoop and could be key to moving PSCs to market.
5 Oct

Perovskite solar cells leap towards commercialization

Scientists believe they've found a winning formula in a new method to fabricate low-cost high-efficiency solar cells.
19 Apr

Wave energy converter units to be tested in Maldives

The project involves testing prototype Wave Energy Converter units in the Maldives with the aim of supplying sustainable energy and reducing carbon emissions, in collaboration with MEE and the Government of the Maldives.
3 Oct

A sustainable future powered by sea

This project uses submerged turbines anchored to the sea floor through mooring cables that convert the kinetic energy of sustained natural currents into usable electricity, which is then delivered by cables to the land.
9 Jan

The answer is blowing in the wind

The amount of energy generated by renewables fluctuates depending on the natural variability of resources at any given time. The sun isn't always shining, nor is the wind always blowing.
30 Dec

Stability challenge in perovskite solar cell technology

Researchers are continuing to investigate different types of perovskite materials in order to find more efficient, cost-effective, and long lifespan perovskite material suitable for use.
19 Oct

Lights, action, electrons!

Electrons are far too small and fast to be seen, even with the help of a light microscope. This has made measuring an electron's movement very difficult for the past century.
6 Feb

Pinholes are pitfalls for high performance solar cells

The most popular next-generation solar cells under development may have a problem - the top layer is full of tiny pinholes.
30 Sep

New solar cells serve free lunch

Researcher's new method uses hybrid deposition to create perovskite solar cells, made from a mixture of inexpensive organic and inorganic raw materials.
5 Oct

Nano-engineering electrodes to give tiny generators a boost

Could our waste be part of the answer to humanity's energy problems? Some researchers think so, thanks to bacteria that chow down on everything from sewage to heavy metals and give off electricity as one of their own waste products.