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One Laptop Per Child
23 Nov 2011

Energy Harvesting USA keynote presentations part two

This article is the second part of the overview of Keynote presentations at Energy Harvestng USA 2011 conference held in Boston, MA last week.
15 Nov 2011

Powering Computing Off-the-Grid: Handcranks, Waterwheels and Cows

One Laptop Per Child, United States
10 Nov 2011

Energy harvesting markets

Next week the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting & Storage USA event will open in Boston to more than 350 attendees from 16 countries. Below are some of the highlights you should expect from the show.
8 Dec 2009

Human powered laptop

The One Laptop Per Child team performing the technical implementation in Afghanistan have designed a new pedal powered machine that can power the XO laptop as it runs.
4 Mar 2009

Perpetuum - a vibration harvesting company

Having started by looking at piezoelectrics and faced with what it saw as their present day limitations of reliability and sometimes high internal resistance, Perpetuum follows the more proven route of electrodynamic harvesting.
24 Feb 2009

Environmental issues with energy harvesting

The runaway use of small batteries is leading to uncontrolled disposal of poisons such as lithium and highly alkaline electrolytes and exposure of children to these chemicals as they are used in everyday items such as toys and disposables such as talking gift cards.
23 Feb 2009

The hot applications for energy harvesting

IDTechEx finds that consumer applications are and will remain the greatest market for energy harvesting on small devices by value.
4 Feb 2009

A $10 laptop?

A $10 laptop may be available in a year suggest officials of the Indian Government.
7 Jan 2008

Intel USA quits third world laptop project

Intel has withdrawn from one of the schemes to supply children in the developing world with $100 laptop computers after a dispute with its partners in the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project.
31 Jul 2007

Super Cheap Laptops for the Third World