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30 Jan 2024

Agility Robotics

Agility Robotics is a US-based company specialising in humanoid robotics for warehouses and factories. IDTechEx interviewed its Co-founder Prof. Jonathan Hurst to understand the technologies and applications of Agility Robotics' products.
30 Sep 2022

Guinness World Record for Fastest 100 Metres by a Bipedal Robot

Cassie the robot has established a Guinness World Record for the fastest 100 meters by a bipedal robot. Cassie clocked the historic time of 24.73 seconds starting from a standing position and returning to that position after the sprint, with no falls.
9 Feb 2022

Drones to Detect Marine Debris

Researchers are developing a drone-based, machine learning system to detect and identify marine debris along the coast. Marine debris, also known as marine litter, is a global problem that threatens the environment, navigation safety, coastal economies, and, potentially, human health. Detecting and identifying debris quickly and accurately is key to cleanup and response actions that can prevent these impacts. Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones, offer this capability.
24 Jan 2022

Scientists use Machine Learning to Identify Fish

Researchers have developed an automated method that can accurately identify calls from a family of fishes. The method takes advantage of data collected by underwater microphones known as hydrophones and provides an efficient and inexpensive way to understand changes in the marine environment due to climate change and other human-caused influences.
30 Aug 2021

Wearable Detects Wide Range of Airborne Toxins

Many of the products we encounter daily — from deodorant to pesticides to paint — release molecules that drift through the air. Breathing in enough of the wrong ones can cause serious and potentially long-term health problems. However, it can be hard to estimate exposure because current devices are limited in what they can detect.
2 Aug 2021

Bipedal Robot Learns to Run and Completes 5 Kilometres

Cassie the robot has made history by traversing 5 kilometers, completing the route in just over 53 minutes.
10 Dec 2020

Breakthrough Optical Sensor Mimics Human Eye, a Key Step to Better AI

Previous attempts to build a human-eye type of device, called a retinomorphic sensor, have relied on software or complex hardware, but the new sensor's operation is part of its fundamental design, using ultrathin layers of perovskite semiconductors - widely studied in recent years for their solar energy potential - that change from strong electrical insulators to strong conductors when placed in light.
12 Dec 2019

Underwater Robotic Gliders to Measure Ocean Sound Levels

At a time when ocean noise is receiving increased global attention, researchers have developed an effective method to use an underwater robotic glider to measure sound levels over broad areas of the sea.
20 Nov 2018

Solar arrays increase plant productivity

Scientists have found a resource to increase agricultural production on dry, unirrigated farmland—solar panels.
15 Nov 2018

Manganese may finally solve hydrogen fuel cells' catalyst problem

Manganese is known for making stainless steel and aluminum soda cans. Now, researchers say the metal could advance one of the most promising sources of renewable energy: hydrogen fuel cells.
10 May 2018

Transparent transistors fabricated onto the sharp curves

Transparent transistors fabricated onto the sharp curves of a tiny glass tube are paving the way toward a therapeutic advance for diabetes sufferers.
3 Apr 2018

Harvesting wave energy for fresh water

Among the many alternative energy sources available, Atmocean has settled on wave energy as a tool for converting ocean water into fresh water and opening up new coastal agriculture opportunities in countries around the world.
13 Mar 2018

3D-printable alloy shows promise for flexible electronics, robotics

Researchers have taken a key step toward the rapid manufacture of flexible computer screens and other stretchable electronic devices, including soft robots.
3 Nov 2017

Breakthrough in 3D printed marine grade stainless steel

Researchers have achieved a breakthrough in 3D printing one of the most common forms of marine grade stainless steel - a low-carbon type called 316L - that promises an unparalleled combination of high-strength and high-ductility properties for the ubiquitous alloy.
14 Jun 2017

Research aims to make artificial intelligence explain itself

Eight computer science professors in Oregon State University's College of Engineering have received a $6.5 million grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to make artificial-intelligence-based systems like autonomous vehicles and robots more trustworthy.
6 Apr 2017

Bio-sensing contact lens could someday measure bodily functions

Scientists say the bio-sensing lenses, based on technology that led to the development of smartphones with more vivid displays, also could potentially be used to track drug use or serve as an early detection system for cancer and other serious medical conditions.
28 Feb 2017

Hydronium-ion battery presents opportunity

A new type of battery developed by scientists shows promise for sustainable, high-power energy storage. It's the world's first battery to use only hydronium ions as the charge carrier.
13 Feb 2017

Agility Robotics aims to revolutionize robot mobility

Legged locomotion may revolutionize robot mobility and enable robots to go anywhere people can go.
30 Dec 2016

Wearable revolutionizes whale research, makes them partners in science

A sophisticated new type of "tag" on whales that can record data every second for hours, days and weeks at a time provides a view of whale behavior, biology and travels never before possible.
27 Dec 2016

Advance in intense pulsed light sintering for electronics manufacture

Faster production of advanced, flexible electronics is among the potential benefits of a discovery by researchers.