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19 Dec

The coming of age of 3D bioprinting?

Though activities in 3D bioprinting have been growing in leaps and bounds since 2015, the activity we have seen in 2018 has been truly remarkable for this fledgling field. Finally, governments, academic institutions and companies alike are beginning to understand the value that 3D bioprinting can bring and are working hard together to bring disruptive change through building tissues from scratch.
2 Nov

Poietis launches its new 4D Bioprinting systems

Poietis, the first 4D bioprinting company, announces the commercialization of its new range of NGB systems (Next Generation Bioprinting) to cover all the tissue engineering needs, from research to clinical batches production.
12 Apr


IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao met Poietis Co-Founder and General Manager Bruno Brisson on January 30, 2018 at the 3D Medical Conference. Poietis is a 3D bioprinting company.
17 Feb


IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Poietis Co-Founder and General Manager Bruno Brisson on February 17, 2017 for a profile update. Please refer to the previous company profile for more information.
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9 Mar


Poietis have developed the laser-assisted printing of bio-ink containing living human cells and a dispersive media to create 3D human tissue models for in vitro testing. It is developing skin models in collaboration with BASF for testing cosmetics, to be commercialised during 2016.
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15 Jul

BASF teams with Poietis on bioprinted skin project

BASF and Poietis have signed an agreement on research and development in cosmetics.