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Rethink Robotics
2 Nov 2021

Parmley Graham

IDTechEx briefly spoke to Parmley Graham at the event Robotics & Automation 2021. They are a distributor and reseller of automation solutions and components. They are Siemens' approved partner, and the partner of some world's top companies in industrial automation, including ABB, Festo, Rethink Robotics, etc. They now employ about 90-100 people, headquartered in Gateshead, the UK, and are active in the UK market.
8 Sep 2017

Robots learn contextual commands

Despite what you might see in movies, today's robots are still very limited in what they can do. They can be great for many repetitive tasks, but their inability to understand the nuances of human language makes them mostly useless for more complicated requests.
7 Mar 2017

Brain-controlled robots

For robots to do what we want, they need to understand us. Too often, this means having to meet them halfway: teaching them the intricacies of human language, for example, or giving them explicit commands for very specific tasks.
15 Nov 2016

Researchers put sense of touch in reach for robots

Finding and recognizing objects by touch in your pocket, in the dark or among items on a cluttered table top are distinctly human skills—ones that have been far beyond the ability of even the most dexterous robotic arms.
13 Oct 2016

Rethink Robotics' Sawyer enters Korean market with TPC Mechatronics

TPC Mechatronics, the biggest pneumatic equipment manufacturer and distributor in South Korea, is deploying Sawyer collaborative.
2 Aug 2016

Universal Robots

11 Apr 2016

3-D printed robots made of both solids and liquids

Researchers present the first-ever technique for 3-D printing robots that involves printing solid and liquid materials at the same time. The new method allows the team to automatically 3-D print dynamic robots in a single step, with no assembly required, using a commercially-available 3-D printer.