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25 Aug 2020

Corvus Energy (2020)

Corvus Energy is the leading maritime battery supplier. This update, based on an IDTechEx interview, discusses the impact of covid-19 on marine electrification, the latest trends and data on the company's expanded product line-up, the threats to electrification in the short-term and a market outlook for the sector.
10 Oct 2017

Micro-optomechanical pressure sensor advancing pressure monitoring

Imec has unveiled a pressure sensor based on micro-optomechanical systems (MOMS) technology.
4 May 2016

Plan B Energy Storage

IDTechEx interviewed Grant Brown, VP Marketing at Plan B Energy Storage (PBES) about their engagement in the battery industry for use in industrial, commercial and large scale marine vessels applications. Plan B Energy Storage, founded in 2015, provides hardware, engineering and strategic design services to the industrial energy storage industry specifically for marine and grid energy storage applications.
3 Aug 2015

Sydney launches world's first e-paper traffic signs

Australian Road and Maritime Services has installed e-paper traffic signs on Sydney roads, representing the first time that electronic ink, a technology best known from e-book readers and smart watches, has been used in traffic signage
21 May 2015


Carre Technologies Ltd (known increasingly by their product-line name, Hexoskin) are a Canadian company that make a sports shirt containing biometric sensors.
1 Jun 2011

GenShock energy harvesting suspension passes military durability

US Army's Tank Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center recently completed a four week accelerated durability test of GenShock technology on the M1152 HMMWV.
21 Jun 2007

Inorganic Oxide Gates Improve Printed Transistors

15 May 2007

University of Hull Invent New Form of White Light