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30 Mar 2020

Mobile Robots: Coronavirus Pushes Logistic Automation up the Agenda

Recent developments bring into focus the motivation, and at times the imperative, to increase automation in the logistics and delivery chain. IDTechEx have been examining the technological and commercial trends in this field for several years.
9 Dec 2019

A $250Bn Revolution: Mobile Robots and Autonomous Vehicles in Delivery

Automation in the delivery/logistic and warehousing/fulfilment chain is a growing market. A particularly exciting subset of this is the use of mobile robots, drones, and autonomous vehicles for automation of movement-based tasks.
9 Dec 2019

Robby Technologies

The company was established in 2016. It has raised $5.5miles.
10 Jan 2019

Snackbots head to college

The friendliest new freshman arrives on campus stocked with snacks and beverages. Meet snackbot, the outdoor, self-driving robot bringing enticing snacks and beverages from Hello Goodness, a curated portfolio of better-for-you brands from PepsiCo, to hungry college students.
16 Oct 2018

3D printing cells to produce human tissue

With today's technology, we can 3-D-print sculptures, mechanical parts, prosthetics, even guns and food. But a team of biomedical engineers have developed a method to 3-D-print cells to produce human tissue such as ligaments and tendons, a process that will greatly improve a patient's recovery.
9 Sep 2010

Oerlikon Solar breaks two world records

Oerlikon Solar breaking two world records: lowest module production cost and highest lab cell efficiency.Oerlikon Solar introduces ahead of its technology roadmap the new production line "ThinFab".