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24 Feb 2015

Piezoresistive Sensors - Part 2 of 3

The second installment of this piezoresistive sensor series covers applications and markets. The third and final article will discuss the emerging technologies in this area.
30 Aug 2013


Sensor Products Inc is one of the few publicly known customer of Sensitronics.
30 Aug 2013

Tekscan Inc

The Tactilus Flex sensor is specially designed to change resistance when bent.
7 Jul 2010

Pressurex® Sensor Film for solar module manufacturing

Sensor Products Inc. introduces Pressurex®, a pressure indicating film that reveals pressure magnitude and distribution between any contacting or mating surfaces. In the Photovoltaics Industry, the need to reduce peripheral cracks on solar cells has received much attention.
27 Nov 2009

New Pressurex Extreme Low® sensor film

Sensor Products Inc. announces Pressurex Extreme Low®, the newest addition to its tactile pressure-indicating sensor films.
27 Nov 2009

Pressurex® Film promotes uniform nip pressure distribution

Pressurex® film from Sensor Products Inc. is a quick, accurate and economical way to detect and correct pressure variations in the lamination of dry film resist to the board substrate.
27 Nov 2009

Pressurex® sensor film and solar module manufacturing

Pressurex® provides a low cost solution for quality control checks during equipment setup, calibration, as well as re-qualification of a solar module production line.