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12 Feb

Printed OLED Displays

In this premium article below we cover some of the latest activities with printed OLED displays.
4 Jul

Updates from SID 2018: various trends

This is the last in our five-part summary of the SID 2018. In this article we will provide a series of information on various aspect of trends in display technology that did not readily fit into other articles.
29 Jun

Flexible display components update at SID 2018

In this article we report on the latest developments at SID 2018 concerning various components in flexible displays including thin film encapsulation, barrier films and adhesive, transparent conductive films and substrates
26 Jun

QD display updates from SID 2018: quantum dots

In this article we provide a detailed review of the latest progress in quantum dot (QD) technology reported at the SID conference in California, USA.
22 Jun

QD display updates at SID 2018: Cd-free compositions and quantum rods

In this article we provide a detailed review of the latest progress in quantum dot (QD) technology reported at the SID conference in California, USA.
15 Jun

Flexible and/or printed OLED displays: updates from SID 2018

In this article, we will discuss the latest prototypes and developments showcased during the event. We will focus on two trends: flexible and rollable OLED displays, and printed OLED displays.
30 May

A Glance at Display Week 2018

IDTechEx has attended SID Display Week 2018 and the following article will show you the latest products, technologies and activities at the show. This particular article focuses on fingerprint technologies, as well as micro-LED and transparent displays.
16 May

Nanosys Ltd

We caught up with Nanosys in May 2018. Here is a summary of their progress.
7 May

Water-based battery to store solar and wind energy

Researchers have developed a water-based battery that could provide a cheap way to store wind or solar energy generated when the sun is shining and wind is blowing so it can be fed back into the electric grid and be redistributed when demand is high.
14 Feb

Novel voice recognition technology completes Interpol's legal arsenal

Watching mainstream forensics-related TV shows could easily make us believe that there is no piece of evidence stronger than conclusive DNA samples or fingerprints. Yet, that would be forgetting the importance of voice recognition. Thanks to new Speaker-Identification technology and a large database of voices maintained by Interpol, the latter will now become much easier.
20 Jun

Wireless charging of moving electric vehicles overcomes major hurdle

If electric cars could recharge while driving down a highway, it would virtually eliminate concerns about their range and lower their cost, perhaps making electricity the standard fuel for vehicles.
4 Apr

SID AR/VR Survey Results

Perhaps no technology in recent times, has generated more interest and investment than Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). SID conducted a survey among their members on this technology and here are the results.
25 May

Plastic and flexible OLED displays market to reach $18bn by 2020

IDTechEx Research has just released new forecasts for the OLED display market.
30 Mar

Sensors integration in displays

In the last decade, the display has evolved from being primarily an output device to the main user interface. Touchscreens are becoming ubiquitous. But what other sensors will be integrated in the display?
13 Jan

When can we expect printed TVs?

LG made quite an impression during CES this year, announcing new OLED TVs that have delighted most reviewers. With premium features and a smart marketing campaign, LG has managed to position OLED as the best TV money can buy. But when will the technology become more affordable?
24 Jun

Flexible barrier technologies: a brief review of technology options

Back in 2014, we witnessed the launch of the first displays deposited on flexible substrates, and the first efforts to encapsulate them. There are significant differences in the encapsulation techniques utilized by each of the companies commercializing flexible electronics. These differences signify the variety of technologies available, in terms of deposition as well as material options for the barrier films, some of which are discussed in this article
17 Jun

IGNIS solution for OLED burn-in

GNIS has demonstrated what an OLED display can achieve, when the quality and user experience do not need to be compromised because of display burn-in effect.
15 Jun

Quantum dots now showing their true colours

Quantum dots are making some serious inroads in the display industry. This was very apparent at SID Display Week this month, where several quantum dot LCD panels were showcased. Is this the technology that will beat OLED in the TV market? Maybe, but some questions still need to be answered.
2 Jun

FlexEnable announces breakthrough in manufacturability

FlexEnable is announcing a technology breakthrough for the manufacture of full colour, organic liquid crystal displays, making the manufacture of glass-free LCDs both practical and cost-effective for the first time.
26 Jan

Smart lighting manager for IoT-connected daylight harvesting

This new class of sensor-integrated smart lighting manager solutions delivers cost-effective, IoT-connected, integrated control capabilities.