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5 Feb 2020

Quantum Dots: The Long Road Towards Emissive QLEDs

In this article, IDTechEx highlight the trends, challenges, and innovation opportunities, shedding light on the likely technology roadmap towards QLED.
27 Jan 2020


Saphlux—in collaboration with Dr Jun Han from Yale University—is demonstrating a different approach towards adding QD color converters on LEDs.
27 Jan 2020

Zhijing Nanotech

Zhijing Nanotech (from Beijing University) has developed an interesting method to 'in-situ' grow perovskite QDs inside polymers.
27 Jan 2020


TCL has been active in QDs since 2014.
27 Jan 2020

Ulvac Solutions

InGaN/GaN QDs were previously synthesised around 2010.
27 Jan 2020


Sharp (at its Oxford laboratories) is working on QD-LED devices.
27 Jan 2020

Taiwan Nanocrystal

Micro LED displays have many advantages but a key disadvantage is that they must be assembled LED by LED.
24 Jan 2020


Nanophotonica is a small team of 15 or so R&D persons exclusively focused on QLED devices. They were incorporated around 2009, but work didn't really start until around 2017.
24 Jan 2020


Samsung is a leader in production of QD displays.
23 Jan 2020


BOE reported some work on photopatterning QD colour filters (CFs).
23 Jan 2020


Nanosys is the leading player in QDs. They were founded in 2001 (historical overview in next slides). It has raised some $160M over the last 15 years.
23 Jan 2020


Lumileds: comparing stability of phosphors with quantum dots
23 Jan 2020

Consistent Electronic Materials

Consistent Electronic Materials is a Taiwanese business active in the supply of materials for electronics part production such as photoresists or chemical mechanical polishing (CMPs).
12 Feb 2019

Printed OLED Displays

In this premium article below we cover some of the latest activities with printed OLED displays.
4 Jul 2018

Updates from SID 2018: various trends

This is the last in our five-part summary of the SID 2018. In this article we will provide a series of information on various aspect of trends in display technology that did not readily fit into other articles.
29 Jun 2018

Flexible display components update at SID 2018

In this article we report on the latest developments at SID 2018 concerning various components in flexible displays including thin film encapsulation, barrier films and adhesive, transparent conductive films and substrates
26 Jun 2018

QD display updates from SID 2018: quantum dots

In this article we provide a detailed review of the latest progress in quantum dot (QD) technology reported at the SID conference in California, USA.
22 Jun 2018

QD display updates at SID 2018: Cd-free compositions and quantum rods

In this article we provide a detailed review of the latest progress in quantum dot (QD) technology reported at the SID conference in California, USA.
15 Jun 2018

Flexible and/or printed OLED displays: updates from SID 2018

In this article, we will discuss the latest prototypes and developments showcased during the event. We will focus on two trends: flexible and rollable OLED displays, and printed OLED displays.
30 May 2018

A Glance at Display Week 2018

IDTechEx has attended SID Display Week 2018 and the following article will show you the latest products, technologies and activities at the show. This particular article focuses on fingerprint technologies, as well as micro-LED and transparent displays.