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7 Jul 2021

Electric Boats & Ships: Five Key Battery Suppliers

The IDTechEx report "Electric Leisure & Sea-going Boats and Ships 2021-2040" reveals the battery demand expected from maritime transport over the next two decades, from leisure boats to ocean-crossing ships. In this article, IDTechEx summarizes the leading battery suppliers underpinning the industry.
8 Sep 2020

NeoGraf Solutions

NeoGraf specialise in graphite heat spreading products with applications for several market. In this update interview, they gave an overview of their technology for batteries in maritime applications and their hopes for application within automotive applications.
7 Sep 2020


25 Aug 2020

Corvus Energy (2020)

2 Jun 2020

How are Batteries for Boats and Ships Different?

Since 2016 the market for electric and hybrid commercial vessels has started to follow an exponential growth pattern as maritime battery prices halved. However, system-level battery prices for boats are still roughly four times higher than the battery packs sold in electric cars. The following article explores why.
Included are:
23 Jul 2019

Corvus Energy (2019 Update)

The main cell supplier for Corvus Energy. LG Chem's NMC pouch cell is the foundation of Corvus' Orca Energy product -- they are the only battery maker producing this type of cell, which gives them leverage over Corvus.
15 Jul 2019

Highlights from Electric and Hybrid Marine Conference and Expo (2019)!

Technology Analyst Luke Gear presents his findings from the Electric and Hybrid Marine conference held in Amsterdam.
Included are: