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15 Oct 2021

Wearable Head Scanner for Comfort, Mobility During Brain Scans

To collect accurate images of a patient's brain, the patient must be still and confined in a tube-like MRI scanner for a long period of time. To better assess their brain function and behavioral health, however, they should move naturally and freely during a scan. Researchers have proposed a solution to both clearly visualize and accurately assess the brain via photoacoustic imaging with a stretchable, flexible material.
13 Oct 2021

Fusing Expert Knowledge and Deep Learning to Detect Sleep Apnea

Individuals who suspect they have sleep apnea — and the doctors who diagnose them — could soon have more effective way to automatically detect the condition at home, thanks to a new method.
16 Apr 2021

Stretching the Boundaries of Medical Tech with Wearable Antennae

Current research on flexible electronics is paving the way for wireless sensors that can be worn on the body and collect a variety of medical data. But where do the data go? Without a similar flexible transmitting device, these sensors would require wired connections to transmit health data.
8 Feb 2021

Textile Sensor Patch Could Detect Pressure Points for Amputees

A soft, flexible sensor system created with electrically conductive yarns could help map problematic pressure points in the socket of an amputee's prosthetic limb, researchers report in a new study.
22 Jan 2016

Self-heating lithium-ion battery

A lithium-ion battery that self heats if the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit has multiple applications, but may have the most impact on relieving winter "range anxiety" for electric vehicle owners, according to a team of researchers.
26 Feb 2013

Nanoscale antennas boost solar energy harvesting

A novel fabrication technique developed could provide the breakthrough technology scientists have been looking for to vastly improve today's solar energy systems.
24 Sep 2010

Nothing's faster than this speeding bullet

The Ohio State Buckeye Bullet team successfully claimed another international record.
29 Dec 2009

Funds to develop self-powered prosthetic limb technology

Representative Glenn Thompson, R-Howard, announced the Department of Defense Appropriations measure includes $2 million in Research, Test, Development, and Evaluation funds for KCF Technologies to further develop and commercialize self-powered prosthetic limb technology.