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Ashametrics designs, manufactures, and sells OEM software and hardware solutions for mobile health. Products include a variety of mobile phone applications that support a variety of biomedical and consumer devices for health monitoring and disease management , such as glucose meters, blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, and supports integration of health data to online medical record systems such as Google Health. Ashametrics emerged as a spin-off company of TagSense, a manufacturer of wireless sensor hardware.
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2 Dec 2010

Wireless Wearable Sensors for Medical Applications

TagSense, United States
16 Nov 2010

Technologies for Mobile Health

TagSense, United States
1 Oct 2010

Energy harvesting and wireless sensors ready for prime time

Energy harvesting is the conversion of ambient energy into electricity to drive small or mobile electronic and electrical devices. Wireless sensors are particularly in need of energy harvesting because they are increasingly deployed in numbers and locations where hard wiring or battery changing are impracticable. We are at an exciting stage with both because harvesting is becoming better and electronics is demanding less power -so they meet in the middle.
9 Sep 2010

Broad Scope of Energy Harvesting Event

Energy harvesting is the conversion of ambient energy to electricity in order to power small or mobile devices. It is part of the green revolution in reducing the need for batteries, whether by harnessing heat, light, movement or other things. The unique event "Energy Harvesting USA " will look at this with an unusually broad lens, from the needs of soldiers, building controls, logistics, the process industry and satellites to rotorcraft.
31 Aug 2010

Progress with thermoelectric harvesting

At the forthcoming Energy Harvesting USA event in Boston Massachusetts, 16-17 November, Prof Gang Chen of Massachusetts Institute of Technology will talk on "Power from temperature difference: thermoelectric technology for energy harvesting".
12 Aug 2010

Real Time Locating and Wireless Sensor Networks - Rapid Advances

In the past, too much use of RFID has involved sensing items and conveyances only when they pass very near to the occasional interrogator. Heroic assumptions are then made about what happened in between. Was it destroyed, perhaps by overheating? Is it still there? Is it intact?
3 Nov 2008

Wireless sensor networks 2009-2019 Part two

IDTechEx has just issued a report called Wireless Sensor Networks and we summarise the subject also known as Ubiquitous Sensor Networks in part two.
21 Feb 2008

Combining Active RFID and Passive RFID for Retail and Point of Sale

TagSense Inc, United States
8 Feb 2008

RFID - Larger Orders and More of Them

The largest RFID orders - here comes China - huge advances coming in HF RFID - new vibrant technologies.
6 Dec 2007

The Next-Generation of Active RFID Systems: New Standards, New Technologies

TagSense Inc, United States
22 Feb 2007

Emerging Trends for Embedded RFID and UHF Item-Level Tagging

TagSense Inc, United States
5 Oct 2006

RFID Smart Labels Breaks New Ground in London

The IDTechEx RFID Smart Labels Europe Conference and Exhibition on September 19-20 broke new ground, showing how the subject has moved on. Here are some highlights of the event.
19 Sep 2006

Advances and Challenges for Item-Level RFID

TagSense Inc, United States
27 Jun 2006

RFID Progress in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Pfizer, NHS, Stora Enso, LifeForce Immune System Bank and Siemens keynote RFID in Healthcare session at the seventh annual RFID Smart Labels Europe event in London on September on 19-20.
16 May 2006

Near Field UHF Versus HF

Item level tagging is going to be the biggest market for RFID. However, despite many companies wanting everything at one frequency - UHF - the limitations of far field UHF systems with water and metal have hindered this. Recently there have been big developments in near field UHF, with companies citing performance similar to that of HF tags. IDTechEx provides an independent analysis.
10 Apr 2006

Highlights from RFID Smart Labels USA 2006

The fifth - and largest - IDTechEx event RFID Smart Labels USA event
29 Mar 2006

Technology Prospects for Item-Level Tagging

TagSense Inc, United States
12 Dec 2005

Active RFID - A profitable business

Read the highlights from the IDTechEx Active RFID Summit which looked at the technologies and application of active RFID (tags with a battery) and how it is embracing other wireless technologies such as Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, sensors and DSRC.
15 Nov 2005

Active Tag Zoo

Tagsense, United States
7 Nov 2005

RFID in the Postal and Courier service

The second biggest application of item level RFID after retail. 10 year forecasts.