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10 Dec 2020

Haptics 2021-2031: Technologies, Market & Players

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
8 Dec 2020

Electric Vehicles in India 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Luke Gear and Dr David Wyatt
3 Dec 2020

Electric Two-wheelers 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Luke Gear and Dr James Edmondson
2 Oct 2020

Electric Vehicles: Land, Sea and Air 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Luke Gear, Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Richard Collins, Dr David Wyatt and Dr James Edmondson
21 Aug 2020

Optics and Displays in AR, VR, and MR 2020-2030: Technologies, Players and Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
14 Apr 2020

E-textiles and Smart Clothing 2020-2030: Technologies, Markets and Players

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
31 Oct 2019


IDTechEx attended a presentation by Daniel Zeitman, Senior Developer Advocate in Bose's AR team. He presented on Bose's suite of products around "audio augmented reality".
29 Oct 2019

Using AI to predict risk of thyroid cancer on ultrasound

Thyroid nodules are small lumps that form within the thyroid gland and are quite common in the general population, with a prevalence as high as 67%. The great majority of thyroid nodules are not cancerous and cause no symptoms. However, there are currently limited guidelines on what to do with a nodule when the risk of cancer is uncertain.
8 May 2019

Inflatable robots destined for space

Equipped with funding and support from NASA, mechanical engineers have built an inflatable robot made with fabric.
3 May 2019

Disney solar facility capable of powering two theme parks

This facility is expected to generate enough renewable clean energy to operate two of Disney's four theme parks in Central Florida annually, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50,000 tons per year.
12 Nov 2018

Real-world ready robot bridges the gap between man and machine

Combining innovative hardware with a new class of conversational AI software and state of the art tools, the company has also developed a powerful and sophisticated platform specifically for multisensory and immersive language interactions, enabling developers working in any industry sector and from any country to build highly advanced applications for social robots.
3 May 2018

Paint Job Transforms Walls Into Sensors, Interactive Surfaces

Walls are what they are — big, dull dividers. With a few applications of conductive paint and some electronics, however, walls can become smart infrastructure that sense human touch, and detect things like gestures and when appliances are used.
26 Jan 2018


PlayDxtr is based off of an object-oriented task that originally was intended for the diagnosis and assessment of Parkinson's Disease patients.
26 Jan 2018

Akili Labs

Matt Omernick, the Chief Creative Office of Akili Labs, detailed their process as they aim to produce the first prescription video game on the market indicated for patients with ADHD at CES 2018.
24 Nov 2017

Using natural motion of 2D materials as source of clean energy

Graphene is a seemingly impossible material. For years, scientists had theorized that lifting a single layer of carbon atoms from a chunk of graphite could produce the first two-dimensional material, which they called graphene.
26 Sep 2017

New way to predict movie-goers' facial expressions

Researchers have been working with Disney Research to develop a new way to assess and predict the facial expressions of movie goers.
29 Aug 2017

A good read: AI evaluates quality of short stories

The idea that artificial intelligence will someday be able to understand and even generate narratives has inspired and motivated researchers for years. A question inextricably bound to both lines of research remains unresolved, however: Can AI recognize a good story if it sees one?
24 Aug 2017

Designing custom robots in a matter of minutes

Even as robots become increasingly common across different parts of our world, they remain incredibly difficult to make.
14 Aug 2017

Revolutionising animated characters' speech

Animating the speech of characters such as Elsa and Mowgli has been both time-consuming and costly. But now computer programmers have identified a way of creating natural-looking animated speech that can be generated in real-time as voice actors deliver their lines.
7 Jul 2017

Accelerating rendering with AI

Researchers have developed a new technology based on artificial intelligence and deep learning that eliminates this noise and thereby enables production-quality rendering at much faster speeds.