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17 Apr

Composites: Highlights from JEC World 2019

JEC World continues to be the premier annual event for composites. This premium article from IDTechEx Research highlights the key takeaways from this event.
Included are:
17 Apr

First 3D printed heart using patient's biological materials

In a major medical breakthrough, researchers have "printed" the world's first 3D vascularised engineered heart using a patient's own cells and biological materials.
17 Apr

Scientific device creates electricity from snowfall

Researchers have designed a new device that creates electricity from falling snow. The first of its kind, this device is inexpensive, small, thin and flexible like a sheet of plastic.
15 Apr

World's first 3D-printed carbon fibre unibody bike frames

The world's first 3D printed, continuous carbon fiber single-piece unibody frame for a new line of eBikes.
12 Apr

Industrial 3D printing goes skateboarding

Kayak paddles, snowshoes, skateboards. Outdoor sporting goods used to be a tough market for 3D printing to break into, but fused particle fabrication can change that.
11 Apr

Artificial Intelligence And 3D Printing

PrintSYSt, Israel
11 Apr

Filament Drying Hacks For Professionals

Mass Portal SIA, Latvia
11 Apr

Silicone Elastomers Dedicated To The Additive Manufacturing, From Prototypes To Functional Parts

Elkem Silicones France S.A.S.France
11 Apr

1-and 2-Component Print Heads For 3D Printing Of Fluids And Pastes

ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH, Germany
11 Apr

Using 3D Printing Technology To Personalise the Health & Wellness Market

Nourish3d, United Kingdom
11 Apr

How Desktop SLS Can Be Used In Hospitals

Sinterit, Poland
11 Apr

IDTechEx 3D Printing Europe 2019 Award Winner

Veda 3D Printing were the worthy winners of the annual '3D Printing - Best Development Award' at the IDTechEx Show Europe in Berlin this week.
11 Apr

3D Printing Of High Performance Plastics For Medical Applications Using FLM

Kumovis GmbH, Germany
11 Apr

Recent Biomedical Applications Of 3D Microprinting

Nanoscribe, Germany
11 Apr

Digital Printing - The Key To Personalized Medicine

DiHeSys-Digital Health Systems, Germany
11 Apr

Embedding Unique Functionalities In Composites By Continuous Fiber Printing

Brightlands Materials Center, Netherlands
11 Apr

Anisoprinting The Next Generation Of Composite Material Structures With Tailored Directional Properties

11 Apr

Achieving High Performance, Easy To Integrate And Weight Optimised Composite Parts Through Our 3D Printing Process.

Fiberneering, Netherlands
11 Apr

Continuous Fibre Additive Manufacturing For Buildings And Transportations Sectors

CEAD Group, Netherlands
11 Apr

How Windform® Composite Materials Pioneered The AM Revolution

CRP Group, Italy