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24 Jun 2021

Optomec Announces $7 Million in New Orders from Repeat Customers

Optomec has recently received more than $7 Million worth of new orders from its installed base. The orders include more than 10 new systems being added to increase capacity for existing users, together with a range of enabling software products and digital process recipes.
22 Jun 2021

9T Labs

9T Labs is a company that specialise in 3D Printing of composite material. IDTechEx caught up with Yannick Willemin (Business Development Manager).
21 Jun 2021

Volkswagen Plans to Use New 3D Printing Process in Vehicle Production

Volkswagen is pressing ahead with the use of innovative 3D printers in car production. For the first time, the newest process - known as binder jetting - is being used to manufacture components at the company's main plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.
18 Jun 2021

3D Printed Custom Medical Devices with Bacterial Resistance

Using a new 3D printing process, researchers have discovered how to tailor-make artificial body parts and other medical devices with built-in functionality that offers better shape and durability, while cutting the risk of bacterial infection at the same time.
17 Jun 2021

Contract to Develop Production Recipes for Metal Additive Repairs

The Air Force Sustainment Center at Tinker Air Force base has awarded Optomec a $500,000 process development contract for the Additive Repair of jet engine components used in the F-15 and F-16 fighters.
16 Jun 2021

3D Printing Ceramics: Materials Benchmarking and Assessment

This article will give an overview of commercially available ceramic 3DP materials.
Included are:
15 Jun 2021

The Biodegradable Battery

The number of data-transmitting microdevices, for instance in packaging and transport logistics, will increase sharply in the coming years. All these devices need energy, but the amount of batteries would have a major impact on the environment. Researchers have developed a biodegradable mini-capacitor that can solve the problem. It consists of carbon, cellulose, glycerin and table salt. And it works reliably.
14 Jun 2021

3D Printed Human Liver Tissue wins NASA Prize

Two teams of scientists have won first and second place in NASA's Vascular Tissue Challenge. The prize competition aims to accelerate tissue engineering innovations to benefit people on Earth today and space explorers in the future.
11 Jun 2021

Evonik Presents 3D Printable PEEK Care Filament

The high-performance polymer can be processed in common extrusion-based 3D printing technologies such as fused filament fabrication or fused deposition modeling. With the product launch, Evonik is expanding the possibilities for individual treatment of patients using additive manufacturing.
10 Jun 2021

MakerBot Introduces New Clean Air Smart HEPA Filtration System

MakerBot today introduced its new Clean Air smart filtration system. The new system is part of MakerBot's continued efforts to develop and deliver 3D printing solutions that support industry safety, sustainability, and compliance practices.
9 Jun 2021

3D Ceram Sinto

3D Ceram Sinto is a ceramic 3D printer and materials manufacturer based in Limoges, France. IDTechEx spoke with Kareen Malsallez and Maxence Bourjol, marketing manager and area sales manager (respectively) at 3D Ceram.
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9 Jun 2021

Aerogels: Is China Taking Over the Market Landscape?

As with nearly all manufacturing of functional materials and beyond, there has been a shift to China, and the aerogel industry has been no exception.
8 Jun 2021


Neotech-AMT, developers of equipment for manufacturing 3D printed electronics, announced its involvement in an EU funded project called 'AMPERE'. This will develop reliable and scalable hybrid additive manufacturing methods for producing multi-functional mechatronic systems.
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8 Jun 2021

Super Productive 3D Bioprinter Could Help Speed up Drug Development

A 3D printer that rapidly produces large batches of custom biological tissues could help make drug development faster and less costly. Nanoengineers developed the high-throughput bioprinting technology, which 3D prints with record speed--it can produce a 96-well array of living human tissue samples within 30 minutes. Having the ability to rapidly produce such samples could accelerate high-throughput preclinical drug screening and disease modeling.
7 Jun 2021

3D Printed Algae has Applications in Energy, Medicine, Fashion, Space

Researchers use 3D printing to create a novel, environmentally friendly material made of algae that has applications not only for energy and medicine, but also for fashion and space exploration. Living materials, which are made by housing biological cells within a nonliving matrix, have gained popularity in recent years as scientists recognize that often the most robust materials are those that mimic nature.
7 Jun 2021

Stratasys Introduces All-In-One J5 MediJet Medical 3D Printer

Stratasys Ltd introduced a medical 3D printer that sets a new standard for healthcare providers and medical device companies by combining multiple applications in one system.
4 Jun 2021

Materialise & EOS 3D Printing Parts for Airbus

Materialise has announced their qualification by Airbus to manufacture flight-ready parts using laser sintering technology. The material used in the process, produced by EOS, is a flame-retardant polyamide.
3 Jun 2021

3D Printing Tiny Parts for Big Impact

Whether it's computer chips, smartphone components, or camera parts, the hardware in many products is constantly getting smaller. The trend is pushing companies to come up with new ways to make the parts that power our world.
2 Jun 2021

Introducing 3D Printing Under Water

The project will allow for in-situ repairs of subsea components like flowlines and conductors, by use of additive manufacturing techniques - significantly extending the lifetime of the assets.
1 Jun 2021

Thermoplastic composites for 3D Printing: Benchmarking and Assessment

Thermoplastic composites for 3D Printing: Benchmarking and Company Assessment
Included are: