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16 Mar

How do Carmakers Deal With Less Cars?

From London to Sydney, one-bedroom apartments with a car space attached are becoming a rarity as planners impose tight controls on the provision of parking in new blocks, slashing costs and gridlock.
6 Mar

Toyota's new $2.8 billion company to develop self-driving software

Toyota will establish a new company in Tokyo in the latter part of this month named "Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development" that will accelerate its efforts in advanced development for automated driving.
6 Mar


BMW is extremely active when it comes to battery innovation. The company has performed a screening of battery materials to achieve high performance, and is also working on second-life applications.
7 Feb

Electric Vehicles at CES 2018

IDTechEx analysts attended CES 2018. Key themes from automotive companies and suppliers were not only the vehicles themselves, but the increasing intersection between autonomy, connectivity and electrification through partnerships and ambitious technology development roadmaps.
28 Dec

Toyota announces electric vehicle plans

Toyota Motor Corporation announces today its plans toward the popularization of electrified vehicles for the decade 2020-2030.
15 Dec

Panasonic to make batteries for Toyota electric cars

Toyota Motor Corporation and Panasonic Corporation announce an agreement to begin studying the feasibility of a joint automotive prismatic battery business.
8 Dec

BASF Battery Materials

BASF is arguably the world's largest chemical company. After a successful stint with NiMH batteries, the company is trying to replicate that success with new cathode materials for Li-ion batteries.
29 Nov

Report on the Winton Symposium

IDTechEx analysts Aman Atak and Luke Gear report on their findings at this event.
23 Nov

Toyota unveils third generation humanoid robot T-HR3

Toyota Motor Corporation revealed T-HR3, the company's third generation humanoid robot.
22 Nov

Toyota Central Research & Development Laboratories, Inc.

Toyota recently announced being in the final stages of development of a functioning all-solid-state battery for electric vehicles. Energy density is supposed to be 400 Wh/L (300 Wh/kg) at pack level.
3 Nov

Rapid cellphone charging getting closer to reality

Research in lithium-ion batteries has opened up a plethora of possibilities in the development of next-generation batteries. In particular, the metal-air batteries with significantly greater energy density close to that of gasoline per kilogram, has recently been acknowledged and invested by world's leading companies, like IBM.
6 Oct

Highlights from Energy Independent Electric Vehicles (EIEV) Conference

The conference saw attendees and presentations from automotive OEMs through to small innovative start-ups and research groups. Keynote speakers included Toyota, Sono Motors, Hanergy Europe and Project Loon.
3 Oct

Opvius and the World of OPV

The future of organic photovoltaics is discussed in this article, including information from an IDTechEx interview with Opvius.
22 Sep

Mobile electrics at watts to kilowatts without batteries

Battery elimination, indeed elimination of all energy storage, is moving to even higher power, from electronics to electrical engineering.
21 Sep

Three aspirations for long distance EVs

All the publicity currently goes to the race to make regular and premium cars have longer range. This is because most people want only one car so it must be capable of the long distance trip however rare. That must be achieved despite the inadequacy of charging points in number, speed and compatibility of interface and payment means.
19 Sep

Removing Cars from Cities: Perfect Storm

Cars must be driven out of cities to tackle the UK's air pollution crisis, not just replaced with electric vehicles, according to the UK government's top adviser talking in August 2017.
18 Sep

Ioxus View of the Supercapacitor Business

This article covers IDTechEx's recent interview with members of Ioxus staff.
15 Sep

Energy independent electric vehicles: amazing new developments

As the world's first conference on Energy Independent Electric Vehicles approaches on September 27-28 in the Technical University of Delft Netherlands, key players, all of whom are speaking at the event, have been announcing some remarkable new developments.
14 Sep

Renewables and EVs: Japan and New Zealand compared

No, not what you thought. Japan has very dirty power generation with renewables stuck at around 10% for two decades then rising last year to approach 15%. New Zealand has now powered up from 80 to 85% renewables feeding its grid - around the figures of Iceland and Norway.
14 Sep

Chinese rescue another electric laggard: Fiat Chrysler?

Analyst IDTechEx has long appraised the auto industry as consisting of those leading the move to pure electric powertrains such as Tesla, Renault + Nissan, Yutong and BYD of China, those only recently giving it major emphasis such as Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen (under duress) and Daimler and those almost in denial such as Fiat Chrysler, Mazda and Suzuki, their pure electric activity being more of a gesture than a serious activity.