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8 Sep 2020

LEVA-EU Makes Free Battery Transport Information Available

The industry associations for batteries and battery-powered products RECHARGE, EPBA, EUROBAT, PRBA, EBRA, ACEA, MDBTC as well as LEVA-EU announced the launch of a new information platform for the safe transportation, testing and packaging of battery cells, batteries, and vehicles and equipment containing batteries.
27 Aug 2020

ALDI Australia Commits to 100% Renewable Electricity from 2021

ALDI Australia has announced that following a successful 40% reduction of overall operational emissions intensity from a 2012 baseline, the supermarket is now committing to 100% renewable electricity to power its Australian operations by the end of 2021.
10 Jul 2020

Robot can Disinfect a Warehouse Floor in Half an Hour

With every droplet that we can't see, touch, or feel dispersed into the air, the threat of spreading Covid-19 persists. It's become increasingly critical to keep these heavy droplets from lingering — especially on surfaces, which are welcoming and generous hosts.
15 May 2020

DSM and Lightyear Join on Solar Roofs for the Electric Vehicle Market

Lightyear and Royal DSM have signed an agreement to jointly scale the commercialization of Lightyear's unique solar-powered roof for the electric vehicle market. With this solution, both companies aim to accelerate the global adoption of a broad range of electric vehicles.
14 May 2020

Uptick for Renewable Electricity Generation in 2019

While the ongoing health, political, economic and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic continue to preoccupy people across the world, as recovery plans are discussed and taking shape, decision makers are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to set our societies on a more sustainable development path.
30 Apr 2020

Using Artificial Intelligence to Save Coral Reefs

An artificial intelligence powered solution to monitor, characterize and analyze coral reef resiliency.
23 Apr 2020

In East Africa, a Race to Outsmart Locusts with Drones and Data

While the eyes of the world are on the novel coronavirus, East Africa continues to struggle with another crisis of biblical proportions: growing swarms of ravenous locusts. Both crises are extraordinary in scale, and both foes multiply so quickly that governments are struggling to contain them.
21 Apr 2020

International Contest for Innovators Using Paper-Based Electronics

Printed batteries, displays, temperature, humidity and genetic sensors... Over the last two years, the European project INNPAPER has been developing these electronic items, using only paper and conductive inks. Now the technology is almost ready to be used, and the project has launched an Open Call, looking for initiatives in the electronics field that have innovative ideas on how to use the project's devices. The call will be open from today until June 1st.
10 Apr 2020

Fuel Cell Technology a Step Closer to Powering Large Ships

The MOU between ABB and hydrogen technologies specialist Hydrogène de France envisages close collaboration on the assembly and production of the fuel cell power plant for marine applications.
10 Mar 2020

Artificial Intelligence Water Network Asset Management system HpO

The deterioration of water networks is a Worldwide challenge causing leakage which can reach over 50% in some countries. At the same time, climate change, demographic growth and raising social desires are increasing water demand. In addition to stress on water resources, the impact of leakage on CO2 emissions is estimated to a quarter of that of worldwide air traffic.
3 Mar 2020

OffGridBox for Hurricane Relief and Grid Backup

OffGridBox was able to install the first box in the British Virgin Islands for disaster relief purposes through the purchase of All Hands and Hearts, an international non-profit profoundly involved in the disaster relief recovery of the islands.
27 Feb 2020

ENGIE Africa Brings Off-Grid Power to Over 4 Million People

ENGIE Africa brings Off-Grid Power to over 4 Million People, establishing its Position as Market Leader on the Continent
26 Feb 2020

Huge Improvement in See-Through Solar Skins

The development of next generation solar power technology that has potential to be used as a flexible 'skin' over hard surfaces has moved a step closer, thanks to a significant breakthrough.
25 Feb 2020

Futuristic Desert City to get Water Using Solar Technology

Technology researched at Cranfield University that harnesses concentrated solar power to desalinate sea water is being adopted by a new smart city under construction in Saudi Arabia.
31 Jan 2020

AI Helping to Inform on the Corona Virus Outbreak

This global early warning system combines more than 100 datasets with proprietary algorithms to deliver critical insights on the spread of infectious diseases.
28 Jan 2020

BESIX Awarded New BOT Contract in Waste-to-Resource Sector in Dubai

BESIX will build and operate for 16.5 years renewable energy production facilities at Al Qusais, Dubai. The Landfill Gas-to-Energy contract was awarded to BESIX by Dubai Municipality.
10 Jan 2020

Plant Based Pork From Impossible Foods

The food tech startup is providing an exclusive first taste of Impossible Pork -- a plant-based upgrade to the world's most ubiquitous meat. Impossible Foods is also launching Impossible Sausage, which debuts in late January at 139 Burger King restaurants in a limited-time test of the Impossible Croissan'wich.
3 Dec 2019

Ralph Lauren to Use 100% Renewable Energy by 2025

Ralph Lauren Corp announced a series of pledges related to sustainability, including a commitment to power all of its globally owned and operated offices, distribution centers and stores with 100% renewable electricity by 2025 and join RE100, a group of the world's most influential businesses committed to the use of renewable power.
5 Nov 2019

PowerCell Sign Development Contract with Havyard Group

PowerCell Sweden AB has signed a contract with Norwegian Havyard Group ASA regarding the development of the design and the technical specifications for a zero-emissions fuel cell system. The system may come to be installed on board a vessel that will service the shipping company Havila Kystruten's new route from Bergen to Kirkenes.
29 Oct 2019

3D Printed Houses From Locally Sourced Clay

TECLA will be the first house to be entirely 3D printed using locally sourced clay A biodegradable and recyclable 'km 0 natural' material which will effectively make the building zero-waste.