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Dr Mirella Miettinen
Dr Anna Lahde
"Electrochemical performance of a new carbon nanostructure"
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University of Eastern Finland
17 Jun 2022


Finnadvance is an organ-on-a-chip company for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. IDTechEx visited and spoke with the Finnadvance team.
4 Apr 2022

Self-Standing Mesoporous Silicon Film can Power Lithium-Ion Batteries

Battery researchers have developed a self-standing mesoporous silicon (Si) film anode for lithium-ion batteries. This film electrode does not need carbon additives and binders to connect particles like typical slurry-based electrodes, but it still exhibits excellent battery performance. The success of this electrode design provides an efficient strategy for achieving high energy density lithium-ion batteries.
30 Apr 2020

New Hybrid Material Improves Performance of Silicon Li-ion Batteries

Researchers have developed a new hybrid material of mesoporous silicon microparticles and carbon nanotubes that can improve the performance of silicon in Li-ion batteries.
13 Sep 2019


Dr Tuomas Rissanen, Head of Science at Heart2Save, approached IDTechEx to introduce its product. Heart2Save is a company based in Finland that has developed a wearable ECG device.
28 Nov 2018

Artificial intelligence predicts treatment effectiveness

How can a doctor predict the treatment outcome of an individual patient? Traditionally, the effectiveness of medical treatments is studied by randomised trials where patients are randomly divided into two groups: one of the groups is given treatment, and the other a placebo. Is this really the only reliable way to evaluate treatment effectiveness, or could something be done differently?
6 Sep 2017

Silicon solves problems for next-generation battery technology

Silicon - the second most abundant element in the earth's crust - shows great promise in Li-ion batteries, according to new research.
31 May 2017

Rotating molecules create a brighter future

Scientists have discovered a group of materials which could pave the way for a new generation of high-efficiency lighting, solving a quandary which has inhibited the performance of display technology for decades.
25 May 2017

Controlling signalling circuits in living cells with flashes of light

Researchers have invented new tools to decode and control signalling circuits in living cells with flashes of light.
22 Feb 2016

Novel synthesis method opens up new possibilities for Li-ion batteries

New novel materials are being developed for next generation Li-ion batteries. One promising anode-cathode material pair is lithium titanate countered by lithium iron phosphate.
3 Jul 2014

Huge new influx of partners to the Graphene Flagship project

To coincide with Graphene Week 2014, the European Commission is proud to announce that the Graphene Flagship, one of the largest-ever European research initiatives, is doubling in size.