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11 Dec 2020

Fieldwork Robotics

Fieldwork Robotics is an agricultural robotics start-up spun off from the University of Plymouth in the UK. The company's fresh fruit picking robotics technology is one of the ten finalists selected for Future Farming Magazine's "Best Concept Field Robot 2020", with winner being awarded at FIRA 2020.
17 Oct 2019

'Game-chainging' tidal energy project approved for channel regions

Interreg France (Channel) England Programme has approved the biggest ever Interreg project that will prove to be game-changing for the European tidal stream energy sector. The Tidal Stream Industry Energiser Project, known as TIGER, is an ambitious €46.8m project, of which €28m (69%) comes from the European Regional Development Fund via the Interreg France (Channel) England Programme.
17 Oct 2019

Unmanned, fully-autonomous ship that will cross the Atlantic

A global consortium of partners, led by marine research organization ProMare, is building an unmanned, fully-autonomous ship that will cross the Atlantic on the fourth centenary of the original Mayflower voyage in September 2020.
30 May 2019

Field trials of raspberry harvesting robot system

University of Plymouth spinout company Fieldwork Robotics has completed initial field trials of its robot raspberry harvesting system.
17 May 2019

Use of robots and artificial intelligence to understand the deep-sea

Artificial intelligence could help scientists shed new light on the variety of species living on the ocean floor, according to new research.
25 Apr 2019

Low-intensity ultrasound can change your mind

New research in primates has shown for the first time that counterfactual thinking is causally related to a frontal part of the brain, called the anterior cingulate cortex. And scientists have proven that the process can be changed by targeting neurons (nerve cells) in this region using low-intensity ultrasound.
22 Aug 2018

Robots significantly influence children's opinions

Young children are significantly more likely than adults to have their opinions and decisions influenced by robots, according to new research.
10 Aug 2018

Field testing harvesting robots

University of Plymouth spinout Fieldwork Robotics has signed an agreement with a leading UK soft-fruit grower to expand development of its harvesting robots.
6 Aug 2018

EPSRC announces £16 million investment in Supergen Energy Hubs

Three £5 million energy research hubs and a new £1 million network in solar energy that will build multidisciplinary collaborations between universities, academic bodies and industry were announced by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.
24 Jul 2018

Dementia could be detected via routinely collected data

A new machine-learning model that scans routinely collected NHS data has shown promising signs of being able to predict undiagnosed dementia in primary care.
14 Mar 2018

Technology to transform the future of produce growing

Growers concerned about workforce shortages in the wake of Brexit could soon have an alternative solution - robots.
16 Feb 2018

Harvesting robots could revolutionise farming practices

Scientists are developing ground-breaking robotics technology which could assist fruit and vegetable growers with the challenges they face in harvesting crops.
8 Dec 2017

Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2018-2038

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop
29 Jun 2017

Robots to help children with autism

The Development of Robot-Enhanced therapy for children with AutisM spectrum disorders (DREAM) project will design robots that can operate autonomously and help the therapist to improve the child's social interaction skills, such as turn-taking, imitation and joint attention.
23 Dec 2013

Testing on revolutionary marine energy device begins

A groundbreaking renewable energy device which will harvest energy from the motion of the sea is about to be tested.
1 Aug 2013

Funding for generating marine renewable energy

A revolutionary device for generating marine renewable energy has been awarded a £190,000 development grant by the Technology Strategy Board, the total value with 'in kind' contributions being £300,000.
10 Jun 2010

Electric Vehicles in the UK - Part four

The component industry serving the electric vehicle industry is very extensive though it mainly consists of small companies