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The University of South Florida (USF) is the ninth largest public university in the nation, one of the nation's top 63 public research universities and one of 39 community-engaged, four-year public universities as designated by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Established in 1956, the USF System now serves more than 46,000 students on campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota-Manatee, and USF Polytechnic in Lakeland. The university offers 219 degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, specialist and doctoral levels, including the doctor of medicine. USF also holds a distinctive international environment with 132 countries represented. The USF Bulls football team rose as high as #2 in the AP national rankings in 2007.
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University of South Florida
8 Nov 2021

Engineers Invent Ultra-Fast Manufacturing Technology

A team of engineers has invented new technology that could forever change the manufacturing of wearable, electronic sensors. They've figured out a way to speed up production without having to use polymer binders - the industry standard in printing flexible sensors, which are often used to monitor vital signs in health care settings.
30 Mar 2020

3D Printed Nasal Swabs to Test for COVID-19 in Emergencies

The University of South Florida Health, Formlabs and Northwell Health announced they have successfully produced and tested a 3D printed nasal swab to address emergency shortages that hospitals and health care teams may face as testing for COVID-19 increases.
27 Sep 2019

Alzheimer's memory loss reversed with electromagnetic waves

NeuroEM Therapeutics announced findings from an open label clinical trial showing reversal of cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's Disease patients after just two months of treatment using the company's wearable head device for in-home treatment.
25 Sep 2019

Stroke patients relearning how to walk with peculiar shoe

A therapeutic shoe engineered to improve stroke recovery is proving successful and expected to hit the market by the end of the year.
9 Apr 2018

Get immediate results with new blood test technology

Researchers have created a mobile version of the "Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay" (ELISA), the gold standard technique used to detect the presence of an antibody or antigen. Instead of sending patients to a laboratory, new cell phone-based technology allows for the very same test to be conducted in the doctor's office, clinic or even in a remote area.
20 Dec 2017

Invasive and Non-Invasive Neural Interfaces: Forecasts and Applications 2018-2028

IDTechEx Report:
14 Aug 2017

Route to Energy Independent Electric Boats and Ships

This article charts the development of water vehicles towards energy independence.
25 Nov 2016

A new standard in robotics

Known as the Yale-CMU-Berkeley (YCB) Object and Model Set, the intent is to provide universal benchmarks for labs specializing in robotic manipulation and prosthetics around the world.
25 Aug 2016

Fungi recycle rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Old batteries often wind up in landfills or incinerators, potentially harming the environment. And valuable materials remain locked inside. Now, a team of researchers is turning to naturally occurring fungi to drive an environmentally friendly recycling process to extract cobalt and lithium from tons of waste batteries.
5 Dec 2014

Atmospheric carbon dioxide used for energy storage products

Chemists and engineers have discovered a fascinating new way to take some of the atmospheric carbon dioxide that's causing the greenhouse effect and use it to make an advanced, high-value material for use in energy storage products.
7 Apr 2014

New synthesis method of materials for organic thin-film solar cells

Researchers have developed a new synthesis method of materials for organic thin-film solar cells and succeeded in obtaining high-purity materials in a simple and easy manner.
17 May 2013

Discovery boosts performance of see-through solar cells

New Energy Technologies, Inc, developer of see-through solar cells for generating electricity on glass windows, has announced that researchers have successfully achieved faster fabrication time, improved transparency, and a two-fold increase in power conversion efficiency.
20 Jun 2012

New process for solar glass

Columbia, MD - June 18, 2012 - New Energy Technologies, Inc., developer of see-through solar cells for generating electricity on glass, today announces an improvement in its manufacturing technique that should lead to higher speed, lower costs and greater durability
7 May 2012

UK research brings quantum computing closer to reality

The UK-USF team showed that a flat sheet of pure carbon only one atom thick, called graphene, can be suitably engineered and used for this purpose when combined with atoms of the metallic element cobalt.
13 Apr 2012

Solar energy harvesting innovation

Once again the question arises: What can new technologies bring to the table and how can they compete?
7 Oct 2011

Sandia awards for solar glitter, rescue robot & university partnership

Sandia National Laboratories will begin researching how to use glitter-sized photovoltaic cells in utility-scale solar power systems, which eventually could cut the costs of solar panels in half and nearly double their efficiency.
4 Apr 2011

New Energy and NREL cooperative research and development agreement

New Energy Technologies, Inc. has announced that as part of its efforts to advance the commercial development of SolarWindow™, capable of generating electricity on see-thru glass, the Company has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).
4 Aug 2010

Spray on solar glass coming soon

A major breakthrough by researchers at New Energy Technologies could soon see the unveiling of a working prototype of the first ever glass window capable of generating electricity.
2 Dec 2009

Organic Semitransparent Photovoltaic Energy Converter (OSPEC)

University of South Florida, USA, United States
28 Jan 2009

The future for military sensors may be in tiny solar cells

Tiny solar cells that power tiny microelectronic machines (MEMS) could be sprayed onto a soldiers backpack, uniform or military vehicle possibly eliminating the use of heavy portable batteries carried by soldiers for their electrical requirements.