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US Department of Transportation
13 Feb 2020

First Autonomous Vehicle Exemption for Nuro

The US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved a regulatory exemption for R2, Nuro's second-generation vehicle. As the first company to be granted approval for a self-driving vehicle exemption, it's an important moment for Nuro and a milestone for the industry.
21 Aug 2018


TuSimple is a startup founded in 2015. The company has now closed $82 million in financing to develop an autonomous software for a level 4 autonomous truck by 2020.
2 Aug 2018

Smart City Opportunities: Infrastructure, Systems, Materials 2019-2029

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Dr Luyun Jiang and Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh
11 May 2017

Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles 2017-2027

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Raghu Das
5 Aug 2016

Wearable Technology for Animals 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop, Raghu Das and Dr Nadia Tsao
27 Aug 2015

Hydrogen fuel cell technology for maritime applications

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration has announced that it is providing $500,000 to support a feasibility study for the design, construction, and operation of a high-speed passenger ferry powered by hydrogen fuel cell technology and a hydrogen refueling station.
9 Sep 2013

US DoT awards USD13.6m for fuel cell buses

The US Department of Transportation's Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced $13.6 million in federal funding to advance the commercialization of American-made fuel cell buses for the transit industry.
28 Jun 2011

Quantum/ Ford PHEV pickup success

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide exhibited its Ford F-150 Plug-in Hybrid Electric (PHEV) pick-up at the 2011 Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, starting on 19 June. The vehicle is powered by Quantum's F-Drive hybrid drive system which is a derivative of the original Quantum Q-Drive with enhanced technologies and subsystems.