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US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
8 Sep 2020

Digital Diagnostics (formerly known as IDx)

IDx is a USA-based start up founded in 2010. It has $52.1M of funding, with $32.6M obtained in 2018. In August 2020, IDx became Digital Diagnostics as the company expanded its platform into dermatology with the acquisition of 3Derm Systems, Inc.
8 Sep 2020

GE Healthcare

The vast majority of image recognition AI software comes in the form of an add-on, it is not part of the original imaging equipment.
7 Sep 2020


SemanticMD have developed AI-driven software for the detection of respiratory and retinal diseases.
4 Sep 2020

VIDA Diagnostics

The diagnosis of obstructive airway disorders is challenging for radiologists due to the complexity of accurately interpreting lung CT scans.
28 Aug 2020

Sintx Technologies

Sintx Technologies is an OEM ceramics company developing and commercializing silicon nitride. In addition to biomedical and industrial applications, Sintx are now exploring silicon nitride as an antimicrobial material. IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao interviewed Sintx CEO Dr Sonny Bal on 13 August 2020.
26 Aug 2020

Biorubber Glue for Faster Surgical Recovery and Pain Relief

Materials scientists have invented a new type of surgical glue that can help join blood vessels and close wounds faster and may also serve as a platform to deliver pain relief drugs.
21 Aug 2020


Philips has created QLAB, a collection of AI-driven clinical tools that enable the analysis of cardiac function. It is FDA 510(k) cleared, CE marked and commercially available in most markets.
21 Aug 2020


MaxQ AI has developed ACCIPIO ICH and Stroke Platform, a software that uses AI to interpret medical images such as non-contrast head CT scans and surrounding patient data, for use in acute care settings.
20 Aug 2020

CorTechs Labs

CorTechs Labs has developed RSI-MRI+, an AI-based imaging software that supports accurate prostate cancer detection for more accurate diagnosis.
18 Aug 2020


Vayyar was established in 2011 in Israeli. It has thus far raised $188M Vayyar is offering a radar chip with upto 72Tx and 72Rx.
11 Aug 2020


CareWare have developed wearable, wireless LED light patches aimed at therapeutic non-medical applications. They utilize the printed LED technology from NthDegree, enabling the lighting element to be thin, light weight and disposable.
29 Jul 2020

High Impact, Durable Material for Medical and Athletic Devices

Nexa3D and Henkel announced commercial availability of xMED412, a polypropylene-like material that is ideal for manufacturing a variety of biocompatible, medical and wearable devices.
28 Jul 2020

Scientists Use CRISPR Technology to Insert Sex-Determining Gene

Using the genome-editing technology CRISPR, researchers can make targeted cuts to the genome or insert useful genes, which is called a gene knock-in.
16 Jul 2020

Medtrum Technologies

Medtrum Technologies are a Chinese company commercialising diabetes management devices including CGM and insulin pumps. This profile looks at their activity over the last decade.
8 Jul 2020

Abbott Diabetes Care

This is a comprehensive review of the business and technology of Abbott Diabetes Care, assembled from company reports and extensive academic literature review, and supported by additional interview comments over several years. It focuses primarily on the technology behind their market leading FreeStyle™ Libre™ CGM device, which generated over $1.8bn in revenue in 2019.
7 Jul 2020

Researchers Print, Tune Graphene Sensors to Monitor Food Freshness

Researchers dipped their new, printed sensors into tuna broth and watched the readings. It turned out the sensors - printed with high-resolution aerosol jet printers on a flexible polymer film and tuned to test for histamine, an allergen and indicator of spoiled fish and meat - can detect histamine down to 3.41 parts per million.
6 Jul 2020

Feasibility Trials for First Interventional Neuromodulation Platform

The study is the first clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Stentrode, the first interventional neuromodulation platform. This technology is designed to translate brain activity from the inside of a blood vessel, and is being explored for its potential to enable hands-free control of devices for people with upper limb paralysis.
1 Jul 2020

Smartwatches as a Medical Device? Progress and Outlook from IDTechEx

Last week, Apple announced the latest features that will be added to the Apple Watch in watchOS 7. Amongst the range of updates were a series of new health app features, including new "mobility metrics" such as low-range cardio fitness, walking speed, stair-descent speed, stair-ascent speed, six-minute walk distance, double support time, step length, and asymmetry.
26 Jun 2020

Aura, Potential COVID-19 Early Detection System

Empatica has joined forces with BARDA to validate and release a proprietary COVID-19 early detection algorithm using their wearable technology.
22 Jun 2020


Artelus designs deep learning solutions to complement the knowledge of and assist the clinician in making faster and more accurate diagnoses. The company focuses on early diagnosis of DR in at-risk patients that are not yet showing symptoms, as treatment is often ineffective once symptoms appear.