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24 May 2023

Gas Separation Membranes 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report:
16 Aug 2021

NREL's Thermoplastic Blade Research Dives Deep

National Renewable Energy Laboratory researchers have been exploring the use of thermoplastic composite materials for wind turbines for several years, but they have only just begun to scrape the surface of how these materials perform underwater. For the first time in history, thermoplastic composite blades, which have the potential to revolutionize the marine energy industry, are being tested on a large-scale tidal power turbine.
25 Jun 2021

Most Marine Renewable Energy Produced in the United States

Verdant Power's grid-connected tidal power demonstration project in New York City has exceeded performance projections by every measure.
16 Apr 2021

Marine Energy Industry Sets New Goal of 1GW of Deployments by 2035

With marine energy on the cusp of significant growth, the National Hydropower Association unveiled new industry deployment targets of 50 MW by 2025, 500 MW by 2030, and 1 GW by 2035.
5 Jan 2021

Smart Cities Pivot to Water

Cities will make all their own food, fresh water, and electricity for reasons of empowerment, security, and cost.
14 Dec 2020

Smart City Materials $400 Billion Market

Smart cities are now much more ambitious. That means new materials are their biggest enabler, with information and computer technology dropping to an important support role.
9 Nov 2020

Smart City Hardware: $1.7 Trillion Market Ahead

Uniquely, the new IDTechEx Research report analyses and forecasts the major disruptive opportunities for radically new city materials, equipment and systems totalling a $1.7 trillion market in 2041.
3 Nov 2020

Verdant Power Tidal Turbines Deployed in New York City's East River

Verdant Power has installed an array of three tidal power turbines at its Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy Project site in the East River. The deployment came as the first US licensed tidal power project.
10 Jul 2020

Sensors 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report:
9 Apr 2019

Assessment of tidal turbine planned for New York

The European Marine Energy Centre will provide an independent performance assessment of Verdant Power's 5th Generation tidal turbine system to be deployed for commercial demonstration in New York City's East River in 2020.
21 Sep 2018

Verdant Power secures $6 million funding for tidal power system

Verdant Power has received $6 million in funding for the next phase of its program to advance the development of the Company's tidal power system in New York.
3 Sep 2009

Terepac begins pilot production of printed silicon integrated circuits

Terepac scientists have developed a novel and extremely powerful approach for handling micro-thin, small form factor ICs such as those desired for RFID.