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5 Nov 2013

The RFID Market and the Opportunity for Printed Electronics (2)

In the previous article we looked at the size of the RFID market and how printed electronics was impacting the manufacturing of antennas for RFID tags. In this article, IDTechEx explores the latest progress in replacing the silicon chip in an RFID tag.
26 Feb 2008

Printed RFID at RFID Smart Labels USA Part 2

Further to our article of yesterday regarding news of printed RFID at Smart Labels USA in Boston February 20-21, this event also included Vubiq, Nano eprint and PolyIC.
25 Feb 2008

Printed RFID - RFID Smart Labels USA Part 1

By popular request, printed RFID received much more prominence at this year's RFID Smart Labels USA in Boston February 20-21.
19 Feb 2008

Vubiq Inc, United States
10 Sep 2007

New Broadband UHF Labels with Printed Antennas

Although most UHF passive tag suppliers lose money, some spectacularly so, several are in it for the long haul and they continue to improve their products.
16 Jul 2007

Printed Electronics is More Disruptive than we Realised

More savvy developers are now realizing that printed electronics can be a completely new way of doing things and we are only just beginning to understand how revolutionary and wide ranging this is.
6 Jun 2007

How to Eat RFID

24 May 2007

Printed Electronics - the Big Picture

Most of the thousand or more participants in printed electronics are attempting incremental improvements to existing products and missing the big picture...
22 Feb 2007

Active tag ranges at passive tag prices

Vubiq Inc, United States