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Wearable Sensing
4 Aug 2021

Smart Necklace Could Track Your Detailed Facial Expressions

Tracking facial movements - and possibly their cause - is one of the proposed applications for NeckFace, one of the first necklace-type wearable sensing technologies.
12 Nov 2020

In-Shoe Sensors and Mobile Robots Help Seniors Stay Active

Researchers are leveraging some of the newest mechanical and robotic technologies to help some of our oldest populations stay healthy, active, and independent.
23 Jul 2020

3D Hand-Sensing Wristband

In a potential breakthrough in wearable sensing technology, researchers have designed a wrist-mounted device that continuously tracks the entire human hand in 3D.
8 Jun 2020

Smart Fabrics From Bioactive Inks

Researchers have developed biomaterial-based inks that respond to and quantify chemicals released from the body (e.g. in sweat and potentially other biofluids) or in the surrounding environment by changing color. The inks can be screen printed onto textiles such as clothes, shoes, or even face masks in complex patterns and at high resolution, providing a detailed map of human response or exposure.
11 May 2020

Eyeglass Sensors to Automatically Monitor Diet

Food plays a big role in our health, and for that reason many people trying to improve their diet often track what they eat. A new wearable helps wearers track their food habits with high fidelity.
1 May 2020

Personalised Nutrition Smart Patch to Reduce Diabetes Risk

A wearable smart patch will deliver precision data to help people personalise their diets and reduce their risk of developing lifestyle-related chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes.
19 Sep 2019

New health monitors are flexible, transparent and graphene enabled

Researchers have demonstrated a new class of flexible and transparent wearable devices that are conformable to the skin and can provide continuous and accurate measurements of multiple human vital signs.
29 Nov 2017

StretchSense negotiates with StartToday, creates disappearable suit

StretchSense Limited, New Zealand manufacturer of wearable sensing systems, announced that it has completed negotiation for a call option agreement that allows its investor StartToday Co Ltd to selectively conduct full acquisition of StretchSense in the future.
7 Nov 2017

Concept to Prototype in 21 Days: Rapid Development with StretchSense

There's little argument that we live in a data-driven world, and developing products to capture body motion data is a new frontier in the rapidly growing wearable sector.
11 Oct 2017

Three ways nanotechnology gas sensors will improve our lives

Nanotechnology gas sensors are paving the way to better health and quality of life using the power of knowledge, awareness and prevention. This article explores three real-world examples that show how nano gas sensors will impact our lives.
20 Jun 2016

Wearable sensing technology for heart failure patients

Scientists are working to address heart failure issues by building wearable and weighing-scale-based ballistocardiogram technology for monitoring heart failure patients at home.
12 Apr 2016

Sensors driving next-generation wearable devices

Sensor development is driving the next generation of wearable devices, and this development is now going further than simply attaching sensors to devices that can be stuck on the body
12 Oct 2011

Imec unveils innovative technology for an ECG patch

Imec and Holst Centre announce an innovative body patch that integrates an ultra-low power electrocardiogram (ECG) chip and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio.