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14 Aug 2008

Rapid Improvements in Real Time Locating Systems

One reason why the market for Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) is growing rapidly to pass the billion dollar mark well within ten years is technology. It is improving rapidly, with new variants for the many new sub sectors of the market that are emerging.
29 Jul 2008

The Booming Business of Active RFID and RTLS

In this summary of the Active RFID market Dr. Peter Harrop outlines why Active RFID and its associated technologies are receiving such attention and have such high growth predictions.
22 Jul 2008

Real Time Locating Systems Using Passive Tags - High Volume RTLS?

Passive radar is a term applied to radar that covertly employs other people's emissions as they reveal targets, no signal being emitted by those doing the covert detection. This has military uses. It is not to be confused with Real Time Locating System RTLS using passive tags, a new form of RFID-based RTLS that has burst onto the scene in 2008. This employs passive tags instead of the traditional active tags. The idea is actually about ten years old and it was mooted as a UHF system by Trolleyscan who called it RFID Radar and demonstrated by RFSAW, which uses Surface Acoustic Wave chips that are more sensitive and simpler to make than the silicon chips used by everyone else - active and passive.
10 Mar 2008

Hot RFID topics revealed at RFID Smart Labels USA

What a difference a year makes. RFID progress from highlights at the IDTechEx RFID Smart Labels USA event.
6 Dec 2007

RFID is Poised for Change

The prosperous RFID business is on track to grow from about $5 billion in 2007 today to over $25 billion in 2017. Without collusion, most analysts agree to figures in that region and several of them see huge volumes of extremely low cost tags forming a part of the growth - even hundreds of billions in ten years from now. This seems to sit awkwardly with some press reporting that RFID retail initiatives have stalled. As one of those analysts, let IDTechEx explain.
22 Feb 2007

How Automotive OEMs are using active RFID to support lean manufacturing and expedite production

Wherenet Corp, United States
29 Jan 2007

RFID in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Applications

Progress of RFID in healthcare and pharmaceutical applications in 2006 and outlook for 2007.
15 Nov 2006

Progress with Next Generation RFID Technology

RFID technology is moving on apace in some areas. Certainly EPC Gen2 tags have demonstrated spectacular performance improvements when tagging cases and pallets. However work is still needed.
14 Nov 2006

Case study: how Active RFID system accelerates the supply chain

WhereNet Corp., United States
13 Nov 2006

Asset Visibility for Logistics Facilities Operators Operational Efficiencies Gained from RFID / RTLS

WhereNet, United States
28 Mar 2006

RFID Drives Big Benefits For TNT Logistics and Ford Motor Co

Wherenet Corp, United States
13 Feb 2006

Active RFID - Innovation and Very Rapid Growth

Active RFID is little reported, but its use is growing rapidly. New IDTechEx research
12 Dec 2005

Active RFID - A profitable business

Read the highlights from the IDTechEx Active RFID Summit which looked at the technologies and application of active RFID (tags with a battery) and how it is embracing other wireless technologies such as Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, sensors and DSRC.
5 Oct 2005

Wherenet expands active RFID automotive ecosystem

2 Jan 2005

RFID in Healthcare in 2005