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XG Sciences, Inc.

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XG Sciences (www.xgsciences.com External Link) is the market leader in graphene nanoplatelets and value-added products such as anode materials, sheets, inks, coatings and TIMs. The mechanical, thermal, electrical, barrier, chemical resistance and lubrication properties of xGnP® graphene nanoplatelets have demonstrated compelling value propositions across a broad range of applications such as battery electrodes, thermal management in consumer electronics, high-strength composites, conductive inks in printed electronics, lubricating oils, and so on. Graphene products made from scalable manufacturing processes in a fully functioning pilot plant in Lansing MI have been sold to hundreds of customers globally who are in various stages of commercialization.
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XG Sciences, Inc.
2 May 2019

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XG Sciences

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14 Feb 2019

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10 Feb 2018

The Sixth Element

16 Nov 2016

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