3D Electronics: The Road to Greater Integration

Incorporating electronic functionality into new settings offers huge potential to add sensing, communication, energy harvesting, and other capabilities in both domestic and industrial contexts. However, at present, incorporating electronics generally involves finding space for the rigid rectangle of a PCB. Flexible electronics of course enables electronics to be added to a smooth object's surface or wrapped around a curve, but what about embedding electronics within the object itself?
Achieving this compelling ambition is the aim of 3D/additive electronics. Electronic functionality can either be added directly to the surface of a 3D object or integrated within the structure itself during additive manufacturing of both structural and electronic functionality.
This webinar includes:
  • Discussion of the various approaches of manufacturing 3D electronics, their differentiating factors, readiness level, and the applications to which they are best suited.
  • Case studies showing how 3D electronics can be used in many different applications.
  • Overview of the latest market forecast for the different 3D-electronics categories, highlighting which techniques and applications are predicted to see the most growth over the next 10 years.
  • Analysis of technological gaps and associated innovation opportunities.
More detailed information, including the full market forecasts, can be found in IDTechEx's extensive new report on the topic, "3D Electronics/Additive Electronics 2022-2032". This report covers the three main categories of 3D electronics, along with many detailed case studies, multiple company profiles, and technological/commercial readiness assessments.
Q&A Session
There will be a Q&A session at the end of this webinar, where Dr Dyson will answer a few questions that have been sent in.
Please send your questions to a.garrington@IDTechEx.com by Tuesday 5th April. Please note that we will not have time to answer all of the questions sent in.


Dr Matthew Dyson
Dr Matthew Dyson
Principal Technology Analyst