Advanced Materials: Analysis of the Key News and Developments from 2021

2021 has been a challenging year with the pandemic still raging, supply chain disruptions, the chip shortage, climate catastrophes and geopolitical turbulence. The materials and chemical industries are essential to all sectors and is a key to enabling new technologies. IDTechEx has been investigating a range of advanced materials for more than 10-years and provides the leading unbiased voice in tracking these developments.
In this webinar, IDTechEx Research Director Dr Richard Collins will give an overview of the key news and developments surrounding advanced materials in 2021. This will include:
  • Assessment of the key mergers and acquisitions
  • Important funding rounds across
  • Notable partnerships
  • Establishment and expansion of production facilities
  • Role in key application areas including: electronic devices, energy storage and 3D printing
  • Progression in various fields of green technology
For more information on all these topics, please see the IDTechEx Advanced Materials portfolio.