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Advanced Wound Care Technology Insights

Advanced Wound Care Technology Insights
Though the human body has a tremendous capability to heal itself, the wound healing process can sometimes stall due to a variety of reasons such as ischemia, bacterial contamination and chronic inflammation. This results in the formation of chronic, non-healing wounds. In these situations, advanced wound care technologies are needed to accelerate, or even reset, the healing process.
In this webinar, Dr Nadia Tsao will discuss the drivers for the market of advanced wound care technologies in the context of common non-healing wounds of diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers and pressure ulcers. The webinar will provide examples of cost-effective tools to broaden the physician's toolbox and bring improved outcomes to patients. These fall under the themes of:
  • Decreasing the difficulty of wound care
  • Managing bacteria to prevent wound complications
  • Connected devices streamline healthcare
  • Connected sensors prevent ulcer formation
  • Miniaturized devices bring wound care into the home
The contents of this webinar are drawn from IDTechEx's brand new report: Advanced Wound Care Technologies 2018 - 2028.