Advances in Agtech: An IDTechEx Perspective for 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for the food and agriculture industries. Store closures, food processing plant shutdowns, restrictions on worker movements and unpredictable consumer behaviour stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have exposed supply chain instabilities and shaken global food production to its core.
However, with challenges come opportunities. The fragility in the global food supply has highlighted the need for alternative food systems and new agricultural technologies, with 2020 seeing major investments into areas such as vertical farming and alternative proteins.
This webinar, delivered by IDTechEx Senior Technology Analyst Dr Michael Dent, discusses the events of 2020 and what they mean for emerging technologies in the field of agriculture. The webinar will cover:
  • Vertical farming
  • Plant-based and cultured meat
  • Biostimulants and biopesticides
  • Genetic technologies in agriculture
  • Agricultural robots and drones.
This webinar shares information from the IDTechEx Food and AgTech market research portfolio.


Dr Michael Dent
Dr Michael Dent
Senior Technology Analyst