Battery Electric Buses: Beyond China

China leads the world in bus electrification. Of the approximately 423,000 pure electric city buses in operation today 98.5% of were manufactured and are currently deployed in cities in China. China have built their electric bus industry on the back of a generous subsidy scheme, and this funding has been used to establish a world leading manufacturing base and supply chain for the production battery electric buses. However, because of the phasing-out of subsidies and increasing saturation of electric buses in large Chinese city bus fleets, sales of electric buses have been falling year-on-year since their peak in 2016. As a result, Chinese electric bus OEMs are increasingly looking to foreign markets for growth.
Despite substantially slower uptake of electric buses in the rest of the world, the pressing need to improve air quality in urban areas and commitments by many governments to address climate change, are now fuelling efforts to deliver zero on-road emission city bus fleets. In many areas of the world the bus market is on the brink of a very rapid transition away from traditional diesel powertrains.
This webinar is based on material from the IDTechEx report "Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Buses 2021-2040", providing insight into the industry's evolution, and will cover:
  • Drivers for the transition to electric buses.
  • Challenges to bus electrification.
  • The history and future of bus electrification in key regions.
  • The outlook for battery electric buses, plug-in hybrid buses and fuel cell electric buses.
  • The background to IDTechEx's new granular forecasts for the electric city bus market.


Dr David Wyatt
Dr David Wyatt
Senior Technology Analyst