Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) Unveiled: Network Evolution, Packaging Innovation, and Market Trends

With data centers experiencing unprecedented demand for higher data throughput and improved power efficiency driven by the rise of AI, machine learning, and the proliferation of cloud-based services, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions to enhance network infrastructure.
Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) is rapidly gaining traction as it promises to address the limitations posed by traditional pluggable optical modules. As switch ICs per rack unit exceed 25.6 Tbps, necessitating more than 32 high-speed optical modules, issues such as electrical/optical connector densities and escalating power consumption become significant hurdles. CPO offers an effective way forward by integrating optics directly with chipsets, thereby reducing power usage of electrical links and substantially boosting escape bandwidth capabilities of chip packages through additional wiring dimensions. This integration not only enhances performance but also improves overall efficiency—making CPO a pivotal technology in meeting =growing data transferring demands in future data centers.
In this webinar, Dr. Yu-Han Chang, a Principle Technology Analyst, will share some insights from IDTechEx's brand new "Co-Packaged Optics (CPO) 2025-2035: Technologies, Market, and Forecasts" market research report. This brand-new report explores technical innovations and packaging trends, analyzing the value chain. It evaluates industry players and forecasts CPO's impact on data center architecture. Central to the report is the recognition of advanced semiconductor packaging (2.5D & 3D) as the cornerstone of co-packaged optics technology. IDTechEx places significant emphasis on understanding the potential roles that various semiconductor packaging technologies may play within the realm of CPO.
Key points covered in this webinar will include:
  • An overview to CPO technology and their implications for enhancing data center efficiency and shaping future network architecture.
  • Semiconductor Packaging Breakthroughs: Insight into the latest advancements in semiconductor packaging, including 2.5D and 3D technologies, and their role in enabling CPO innovation.
  • Outlook for the CPO market and its anticipated impact on the industry.



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Thursday 15 August 2024

30 minutes

Webinar Times

Session #1 - Asia-Pacific
2:00am (London Time)

Session #2 - Europe
10:00am (London Time)

Session #3 - Americas
5:00pm (London Time)