Electric Motor Technologies: The Next EV Revolution?

Electric motors truly are the driving force behind electric vehicles (EVs). In addition to the batteries and power electronics, the electric motor is a critical component within the drivetrain. IDTechEx expects over 100 million electric motors to be required per year by 2032 to meet the demand for the growing EV market. Despite electric traction motors originally being developed in the 1800s, the market is still evolving today with new designs, improved performance and more considerations around the materials used. These aren't just incremental improvements either with developments such as axial flux motors and various OEMs eliminating rare-earths altogether.
This webinar hosted by IDTechEx is based on the new report, "Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2022-2032".
The webinar will take a look at the current technologies and state of the market for electric motors in electric vehicles with considerations around the technologies, materials and different vehicle categories like cars, vans, trucks, buses and two-wheelers. The webinar will also take a look at the future with general trends in motor design and emerging alternatives like axial flux and in-wheel motors.
This webinar will include:
  • An overview of current and future electric motor technologies from OEMs
  • Emerging motor technologies such as axial flux and in-wheel motors
  • A look at electric motors in cars, vans, trucks, two-wheelers and buses
  • A discussion of the types of materials used including rare earths and how this may change
  • Market trends in electric motor design and adoption