Electric Vehicles in Construction, Agriculture and Mining: Over $100 bn Market Emerging

Construction, agriculture and mining vehicles are often made by the same companies using similar components. In electric vehicle terms, the CAM sector has been a late starter. No longer. Learn how it will make a disproportionate percentage of EV profit. It will boast both the world's largest and most expensive EVs and the most numerous. Other superlatives include getting 40kW of regenerative braking over extended periods of time while diesel just burns brakes? Which participants are sleeping through the future and which are reinventing complete systems? What announcements come next and what new technologies are winning? Why do some sub sectors go almost entirely for hybrids and others leapfrog to pure electric? Why so many supercapacitors, switched reluctance motors? It is all in this detailed webinar.
This webinar shares research from the new IDTechEx report, Electric Vehicles for Construction, Agriculture and Mining 2019-2029.


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop