Emerging Applications for Printed/Flexible Electronics

Printed and flexible electronics spans a vast array of applications, ranging from touch sensitive displays to e-textiles and from electronic skin patches to circuit prototyping. Indeed, this breadth of applications can make it challenging to know in which avenue to focus technological/product development.
Furthermore, every year the scope of applications within the remit of printed/flexible extends. In this webinar, Dr Matthew Dyson, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx specializing in printed/flexible electronics, will discuss what he believes are some of the most exciting emerging application opportunities.
Emerging applications that will be discussed in the webinar include:
  • Electronic skin patches to enable continuous monitoring of medical/wellness/fitness parameters such as heart rate, temperature, and even wound pH.
  • Building integrated electronics, including capacitive sensors for detecting water leaks and transparent antennas printed onto glass.
  • Sticker electronics, in which flexible stickers containing antenna, sensors and mounted integrated circuits enable remote monitoring of packages and industrial equipment.
More detailed information, including the market forecasts, application case studies, company profiles, assessment of technological and commercial readiness levels, and identification of innovation opportunities is included in our many reports that covert printed/flexible electronics. Especially relevant is "Flexible Electronics in Healthcare 2020-2030" and "Flexible Hybrid Electronics 2020-2030: Applications, Challenges, Innovations and Forecasts".
Q&A Session
This webinar will include a 10 minute Q&A session at the end. Please submit any questions to annick@IDTechExWebinars.com by Monday 9th November. Please note that we won't be able to answer all questions during the session.


Dr Matthew Dyson
Dr Matthew Dyson
Principal Technology Analyst