Exploring the Dynamics of the $29.5 Billion 3D Printing Materials Market

Resins, filaments, inks, powders, wires - additive manufacturing is awash with different materials in diverse feedstock forms, expanding far beyond the PLA filament classically associated with 3D printing. The sources of these materials have expanded as well; while AM material development used to be the exclusive domain of manufacturers of 3D printers, specialty AM materials companies and established materials suppliers are rapidly becoming prominent contributors.
The rapid changes and development in the AM materials market to-date has been driven by the need to access more customers through more functional materials. Looking forward, IDTechEx forecasts that revenue from 3D printing materials sales will peak at $29.5 billion by 2032. Within this period, 3D printing material sales will become the dominant revenue stream for the overall industry far eclipsing revenue from printer sales, thus demonstrating the importance of studying AM material trends.
The question becomes what's next for AM materials? Of course, it is essential for the portfolio of additive manufacturing specific materials to expand for the market to continue reaching new markets. However, the many different types of materials, from thermoplastics to thermosets, fiber reinforced composites to metals, ceramics to biomaterials, are all at different stages of maturity and penetration. Additionally, there is significant movement in the industry from a market perspective given the many acquisitions, expansions, partnerships, and funding rounds taking place. In this webinar, IDTechEx will explore trends in different material classes and market dynamics driving the AM materials market forward. Attendees will gain a broader perspective on the AM materials industry that will enable better decision-making on both a technical and business level.
In this talk, IDTechEx will:
  • Benchmark the relevant materials/players in the space
  • Identify growth drivers and trends to watch for different classes of AM materials
  • Examine key market activity, like investments, acquisitions, and partnerships
  • Present IDTechEx's market outlook for the industry
This webinar shares information from the new IDTechEx report "3D Printing Materials Market 2022-2032".