Micro-LED Displays for 2021 Onwards

From mobile phones, TVs, to cars and public screens, displays have become an important component in our daily life to convey information. There is an emerging display type— Micro-LED display, which has the potential to become the next-generation mainstream, with its ability to be fabricated from tiny to huge sizes.
With the launch of Micro- and Mini-LED displays by various OEMs and display vendors, the self-emissive LED-based displays have attracted tremendous attention by both investors and end users. Also, COVID-19 has changed our life completely. One of the influences it brings to us is the new life and work style with a distance between each other. MicroLED, known by many as a disruptive display technology, has been talked about extensively. What disruptions can MicroLED displays bring to us, and will the future displays require MicroLED technology? What are their potential applications and what are the hypes and realities? These are questions that have been discussed a lot.
From 2021 onwards, where are we going? This webinar will briefly discuss the trends and things that need to be addressed in micro-LED display areas. Contents that will be covered in this webinar include:
  • From Mini-LED to Micro-LED displays and what the trend means
  • Motivations and drivers of micro-LED displays
  • How COVID-19 can impact the business
  • Discussion of value propositions of micro-LED displays