Navigating the Liquid Cooling Dominance in Data Centers - An IDTechEx Roadmap

In the context of the fast-growing power demand of data centers and servers, the need for more efficient cooling strategies has become crucial. While air cooling has a long history of successful use, its limitations in terms of the specific heat of air make it challenging to meet the cooling requirements of modern data centers. As a result, liquid cooling has gained significant traction as an alternative solution. This has led to collaborations among various players in the supply chain, including server suppliers, cold plate vendors, and data center users.
In this webinar, several topics related to data center cooling will be discussed:
  • Air cooling: An overview of the traditional air-cooling approach and its benefits and limitations.
  • Direct-to-chip/Cold Plate Cooling: An exploration of cooling methods that involve direct contact between the cooling medium and the chips or the use of cold plates.
  • Immersion cooling: An examination of cooling techniques that utilize immersion of servers or components in dielectric fluids.
  • Coolant comparison and regulations: A comparison of different coolants used in liquid cooling systems, along with relevant regulations.
  • Single-phase and two-phase cooling: An analysis of single-phase and two-phase cooling methods and their applications in data centers.
  • Thermal interface materials (TIMs): An overview of the importance of thermal interface materials in efficient heat transfer within cooling systems.
The webinar aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the benefits, drawbacks, and adoption barriers associated with different cooling approaches. It will also offer insights into the future trends and advancements in data center cooling. The content of the webinar is based on IDTechEx's latest research report "Thermal Management for Data Centers 2023-2033".