New Opportunities for Gas Sensors

The gas sensor market is a complex combination of multiple technologies and applications - and understanding where true opportunities for commercial success exist is challenging. There are many drivers causing the overall market to grow, ranging from the consumer demand for the digitization of air quality data quality during COVID-19, new manufacturing methods to print sensors, and even vehicle electrification.
But which application space should newer technologies target, and what innovation is needed in more established sectors? This webinar, delivered by IDTechEx Analyst Tess Skyrme, who focuses on sensor technologies, aims to provide insight into these questions. It will include the following:
  • An overview of the broad application space for gas sensors and an introduction to key principles of sensing including chemoresistive, infra-red and laser scattering.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of gas sensor technologies into categories of core, emerging, and research phase - highlighting overall trends in sensitivity, selectivity, and miniaturization.
  • Roadmaps of use-cases for gas sensors in industrial, environmental, medical, automotive and olfaction markets.
  • Discussion of the state of the indoor air quality market and identified opportunities for business model innovation in this space.
  • Analysis of emerging technology for digitized smell/e-noses - separating hype from realistic market and technology opportunities for metal-oxide and carbon-nanotube-based sensors.
  • Overview of the ten-year market forecasts for non-industrial markets, and the outlook for printed and acoustic sensors.
Highly detailed information, including full market forecasts, can be found in IDTechEx's comprehensive report, "Gas Sensors 2022-2032: Technology, Opportunities, Players, and Forecasts". This covers a broad range of gas sensor types, technology/application benchmarking, numerous company profiles, and granular ten-year forecasts.