Next Generation Batteries and Beyond Lithium - What's Happening in Battery Technology?

The current iteration of Li-ion batteries are starting to reach their performance limits. As such, a host of next generation technologies are under development to continue the historic improvements to cost and performance. Silicon and lithium-metal anodes, high-voltage cathodes and solid-state electrolytes hold great promise but beyond materials, various cell designs, such as those that incorporate structured electrodes or 3D current collectors, can also play a role in continuing the improvement of battery technology.
Alternative non-lithium battery chemistries are also under development for applications where energy density can be de-prioritised, such as for stationary energy storage systems. These include various flow, Na-ion and Zn-based battery chemistries. Motivations for developing these alternatives can stem from the need for cheaper, more environmentally friendly storage solutions or from a desire to mitigate potential Li-ion supply chain risks. But are these technologies ready for deployment and with announcements of breakthroughs into next generation technologies a regular occurrence, which technologies and companies will succeed?
Drawing on content from the new IDTechEx report, "Advanced Li-ion and Beyond Lithium Batteries 2022-2032: Technologies, Players, Trends, Markets", this webinar will:
  • Provide an overview of recent commercial developments to advanced and non-lithium batteries
  • Introduce various next generation batteries and analyse their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Discuss the potential markets for the range of technologies being developed