Opportunities for Photonic Chips: Technological Developments and Applications

Semiconductor chips are everywhere. Those little packages consisting of billions of 'on or off' switches are the fuel to the fire of the internet age. Without them, mobile phones, laptops and the internet - amongst other things - would not be possible. Humans would be stuck at a technological impasse, with the inability to easily communicate over long distances and freely disseminate large amounts of information keenly felt.
Fortunately, we live in a universe where semiconductors not only exist, but can be utilized to facilitate photonic as well as electronic systems; just as semiconductor chips can be made whereby the components respond to electrical impulses, so too can light be guided through semiconductor materials and the properties of the light altered by them. These so-called Photonic Integrated Circuits - PICs - have found a foothold in the world of communications, where the encoding of data onto light that is transmitted through optical fibres has enabled networking solutions that continue to evolve as data demand increases.
This webinar will discuss what is driving the increased data demands and how PICs and architectures are developing to meet these evolving networking needs. In addition to reviewing PICs in the communications industry, the webinar will discuss emerging applications for PICs, and present an outlook for their adoption in several markets.
Contents that will be covered in this webinar include:
  • An overview of PIC technology
  • Drivers of increased data demands from data centres
  • PIC trends in the communications industry
  • PIC adoption in other markets
More details can be found in IDTechEx's report "Semiconductor Photonic Integrated Circuits 2023-2033".


Leo Charlton
Leo Charlton
Technology Analyst