Prospects for All Sensors and Preparation for Sensor-Centric 6G Communications in 2022

This webinar reveals progress in 2021 and prospects for 2022.
It concerns sensors generally and the dream of 6G Communications, intended to be a sensor-centric form of radio communications. Why will billions of dollars be spent on developing 6G in 2022? The primary sensor focus of this webinar is those in vehicles and smaller items such as wearables and Internet of Things. Large airport and ship radar and the like are sometimes called sensors but they are not covered here. With 6G we closely examine the many spectacular benefits that are targeted, the standards and particularly hardware needed to get there, hardware being particularly in need of attention. What will be the frequencies and why?
We give examples of analysis and forecasts from the many relevant IDTechEx reports with our latest ideas, criticism and benchmarking. Understand the patenting, research and adoption trends and the implications. Where, what, why, how?


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop