Quantum Sensors: A Bigger Opportunity Than Quantum Computers?

Adoption of quantum technology is growing. Indeed, IDTechEx forecasts that by 2044 the quantum sensor market will reach US$7.1 billion. Yet, for now, public interest in quantum computing is far greater than for quantum sensing. But beyond the headlines, how does the market opportunity for computing and sensing really compare, and which material platforms could generate the most value long term?
In this webinar Dr Tess Skyrme, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will address these questions and more, answering:
  • What is the status and outlook for the quantum technology industry as a whole?
  • How do different hardware platforms for quantum sensing compare?
  • Which new applications are unlocked by quantum sensors?
  • How does the scale and type of opportunity differ between quantum sensing and quantum computing?
More details and twenty-year market forecasts can be found in IDTechEx's comprehensive report "Quantum Sensors Market 2024-2044". This report follows IDTechEx's existing research into quantum computing and quantum dots. The quantum sensors market report includes 17 individual forecast lines with technology categories including: atomic clocks, magnetic field sensors, gyroscopes, gravimeters, and image sensors - covering superconducting, photonic, diamond, cold-atom, atomic vapor, and other key hardware platforms.